Self analysis of the girl cheated process how will borrow to strangers 3000

Girl: how will the process of self analysis was "borrowed" to strangers 3000 yuan new network – (evening news reporter Chen Lei) we often use some of the cases the story warned that a liar now is how rampant, but we feel that the parties is so stupid! "If it were me, I would not be deceived." Maybe you’ll think so. Is that really true? Hangzhou Yu girl 20 years old, 3 years of work. In October 3rd, she was an old-fashioned scam cheated 3000 yuan. Although later she found a lot of doubt, but was a step by step liar was sticky to get rid of, but also embarrassed to go away. Yesterday, she used more than 10 thousand words to be deceived by hair in a circle of friends, also accepted the money newspaper reporter’s interview. She said she was cheated 2846 yuan and a sincere heart to help others. She also said: will learn a lesson, but good will not change. You may also encounter this time in life, intuitively know the situation is bad, but don’t know what to say when NO, but do not know how to protect themselves can be safe and can get rid of the risk, how to find the right of recourse in the shortest time these are need to learn. In order to avoid the "startling step by step", may look at the plight of Yu Guniang. 1, with the Guangdong accent asked the stranger, there is no nearby mobile phone recharge place October 3rd at 8:45 in the evening, Yu Guniang met a people seeking help in the west of Hangzhou intime downstairs. "Hello."! Can you tell me where there is no charge near here?." A man with a Guangdong accent called her. Yu Guniang did not know near the operating room, you have a Alipay? The other said no, can you help me. "I come from Hongkong, live in Hilton, a taxi to find a charge of the place, the driver took me here…… Wait for the airport to pick up a very important customer." To this step, you may have guessed, this is the twenty years of the most classic "the people of Hongkong, female students pretended to cheat" routine! But Miss Yu did not know, she enthusiastically helped to play 10086, 114 and other service hotline 12580, have not been able to solve the problem of Hongkong mobile phone recharge in the mainland. The liar is very grateful to the appearance, bought two cups of Starbucks, very elegant to ask a girl to drink coffee. He told me for the first time to come here to do the family business, going to the airport to Singapore to customers to meet for the first time customers to bring a gift, "just intime inside to give customers to buy watches, if the business achievement is about tens of millions, this money is not what…… The self proclaimed "Chinese University Hong Kong graduate" to cheat the girl sees Hongkong identity card, HSBC card, designer handbags etc……. 2, your bank card into the 20 thousand Hong Kong dollars, but tomorrow to account liar and so on and the girl chatted. Almost 1.5 hours later, the focus came. Liar said he wanted to do a local bank card, so that Hongkong can send money to him over there. "Then he began to look at me with a helpless innocent look." Yu Guniang’s proposal:)相关的主题文章: