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Shanghai in the first 8 months of this year 597 people were released or compulsory measures change the original title: Shanghai: the first 8 months of this year, 597 people have been released or to change the mandatory measures of Justice Network News (reporter Lin Zhongming correspondent Xu Leilei Lv Yanan) recently, because of working in pornography sites is to introduce prostitution crime approved the arrest of a postgraduate of small Weng, found in the procuratorial organs in accordance with the terms of start review the necessity of detention, he is an accomplice, do not go astray, and has less dangerous to society and no detention conditions, then changed to bail. From January to August this year, the procuratorial organs to review and recommend, the city has a total of 597 suspects and defendants were arrested, because do not need to continue to be changed to release or detention bail, residential surveillance. The revised criminal procedure law stipulates that after the arrest of the criminal suspect or the defendant, the people’s Procuratorate shall review the necessity of detention. For those who do not need to continue to detain, it should be suggested to release or change the coercive measures." "The criminal suspect, the defendant and his legal representative, close relative or defender shall have the right to apply for the enforcement of the compulsory measures." Accordingly, the Shanghai municipal procuratorate has developed a series of normative system, requiring the city’s procuratorial organs to strictly examine the suspects, the defendant after the arrest occurred if there is no need for continued detention. Procuratorates at all levels to actively explore and improve the custody necessary examination system, Putuo District procuratorate right through the issuance of this book, talk with other detainees, inform the rights to apply for review the necessity of detention cases right; Fengxian District procuratorate to change the coercive measures, requirements in custody should be fully justified review recommendations, and attach relevant documents. According to statistics, from January to August this year, Shanghai prosecutors conducted a total of 1363 people to carry out the necessity of detention review, which, according to the authority to start the review of 285 people, according to the application to start the review of the 1078. In 597 people have been released or changes to compulsory measures, or because of less serious crime, social harm is not, and has completed the relevant evidence; or because of good performance, attitude and custody of criminal reconciliation or by ill gotten gains restitution, victim understanding; or because of family circumstances, physical disabilities or special suffering from a serious illness, do not need to remain in custody. On the major complex or significant controversy, and the victim has strong appeal cases, Shanghai city procuratorate invited third party intervention public examination, security review transparent; also promote the use of remote video system, improve the efficiency of the review, the parties to facilitate participation, but also improve the transparency of judicial activities. January to August this year, the Shanghai municipal public prosecutor’s office conducted a public examination of 22 people. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: