Shanghai public transport to carry out emergency drills enhance the ability to deal with emer-3edyy

Shanghai bus to carry out emergency drills to improve emergency response capabilities of   the society in Shanghai in August 25,   a new energy bus operating cars driving on the road, located in the bottom of the car battery suddenly issued a "Chi Chi" abnormal sound, suddenly a puff of smoke sprang from the gap battery parts, all of a sudden choking smoke steaming with flames quickly spread to the whole car flying into the air. The bus crew found the fire danger in the first time, a side alarm for help and quickly opened the door to command all the passengers get off to escape, at the same time with the vehicle dry powder fire extinguishers. The bus company started immediately after the alarm in case of emergency plan to the scene to take emergency measures to assist the public security fire. A fire truck FengChiTianXia electric Zhi alarm fire department dispatched promptly rushed to the scene, the fire fighters in a very short time to extinguish the fire compartment. This is a rescue scene bus operation car this afternoon Shanghai bus company in emergency to carry out safety emergency drills have a unique style. The chief command bus company responsible for the safety of general manager Zhou Jianping said, Shanghai is a city bus flow window, in order to safeguard the security and social bus operation order, according to the company’s existing 671 new energy buses, every day on the road, and further enhance the bus crew safety consciousness, standardize Road vehicle fault the disposal process, to further improve the quality of vehicle repair, carry out safety inspection to further strengthen fire safety inspection, to eliminate vehicle accidents, it is important to ensure the normal operation of the key buses, is a pressing matter of the moment the imminent. In today’s emergency drills, the company is also the vehicle broke down and found how to dispose of dangerous goods carried passengers dissuasion tough car was disposed of according to law and the vehicle noise transfer vehicle to divert passengers in the security, away from the fault car project, a comprehensive training. For the majority of bus crew in case of unexpected events to give enlightenment, but also to enhance the ability of emergency response to emergencies, a lively practice education. (Shen Wenmin, Chen Jieming) (commissioning editor Cao Kun and Yang Cheng)相关的主题文章: