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Shanxi securities subsidiary punishment settles the mergers and acquisitions business impact has yet to eliminate hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls in twenty-first Century economic report September 19th evening Zhang Xinpei securities issued to you, Shanxi said, a subsidiary of German Securities Commission received "prior notice of administrative punishment", the Commission’s decision of punishment include: 1 German securities ordered corrections, confiscate revenue 3 million yuan, and fined 3 million yuan; 2 of Li Qingzhong and Wang Xin given a warning, and were fined 50 thousand yuan. Since the incident because, as German securities Tibet Ziguang Zhuoyuan equity investment limited company’s financial advisers are not suspected diligence investigation by the commission. In November 12, 2015, violet Zhuoyuan disclosed by Kunming machine tool "in the report" detailed equity, the report did not disclose the "increased to terminate the agreement and validity of all the terms in the share transfer agreement". But served as financial adviser to the securities issued by the "detailed report of changes in equity of the financial adviser verification opinion", that the information disclosure obligations in accordance with the "management approach" takeover of listed companies and the relevant supporting documents specifications, disclose the basic situation of the information disclosure obligor and the purpose of the information disclosure of changes in equity, real content accurate and complete. According to the advance notice of administrative punishment, the securities issued in the verification opinions and statements, without obtaining Shen machine group and violet Zhuoyuan formally signed the "share transfer agreement", did not pass the verification found that additional terms of the agreement in the text, there are significant omissions issued by the financial adviser verification opinion. In violation of the "Securities Law" and "173rd" management of listed companies to buy ninth of the provisions of the second paragraph of the "Securities Law" referred to in article 223rd of the securities service institutions are not diligent, produced documents issued false records, misleading statements or major omissions "behavior. With the punishment settled, Sino German securities project will return to normal or blocked? Insiders told reporters that investment banking projects or recovery, but mergers and acquisitions or stagnation. Financial investment legal network chief lawyer Yang Hongwei told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, German securities as sponsor representative qualification and business would not be directly affected, but the financial advisor or influence on identity. "As the premise of mergers and acquisitions of listed companies is a financial adviser, as 36 months before not because of illegal operation or not punished for alleged illegal operations are under investigation, the securities from the date of the administrative penalty within 36 months has been unable to meet the load condition of listed companies as financial advisor." Yang Hongwei said. As of now, German securities currently in the merger and reorganization of 2 projects, respectively, Jubilee technology and Dalian international mergers and acquisitions. IPO project has 15 (1 have passed), refinancing project has a total of 7, the Shanghai Stock Exchange corporate bond project of the 1. Editor: Theory相关的主题文章: