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Shock Leather Two Mountains block upstream aviation Securities: today two were opened, after the stock index continued sideways within a narrow range close to noon, the gem is slightly stronger than the motherboard; the stock index in the afternoon after a slow upward wave down, late again rebounded slightly closed; the hot surface: broadband speed, electricity, time shares, the concept of 4G and steel, building materials, supplies, Internet, Home Furnishing software services sector performed better; overall: today the market once again showing shock consolidation of the market. If you use a word to describe the current market, that is "shock leather city"; the stock index and the gem index since August 16th, has been running on the narrow space of not more than 100 points, the overall market is in a relatively dull state, a small amount of hot plate only on the overall market power is not enough that influence is also greatly reduced, resulting in the serious shortage of money effect. Because of this, in view of the market of aviation securities Fan Bo has maintained a cautious attitude, so yesterday "pattern can climb" post game heavy emphasis: "we keep on the current market as a whole pattern of cognition, at the same time to develop to match the market environment and the trading strategy is the focus of investment. The latter will continue to shock run, the money effect is not very adequate, avoid awkwardness blindly chase, control the position is still the best trading strategy." Back to the surface, the PPP theme is the current favourites, but the subject matter reflected energy, is still not able to transfer to the vast majority of stocks formed, PPP is still the subject belongs to the August Hengda concept and to send high tide after a hot stage, leader plate temperament did not come out as the leader, plate has not emerged, so it has strong kinetic energy index exceeded 3160 points, near the discount, refers to the gem 2260 points is obvious where the pressure from the technical side of shanghai. Summary: lack of drive PPP theme of the short-term rally of most other sectors, to a certain extent restricts the breakthrough of the market dynamics, stock index 3160 points, 2260 points gem is the biggest resistance at the recent stock. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstock]] or Phoenix securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2

震荡牛皮 两座大山阻碍上行 中航证券:今日两市常规开盘,之后沪指持续横盘窄幅震荡至中午收盘,创业板略强于主板;午后股指缓慢上行后出现一波回落,尾盘再度小幅回升收报;盘面热点:宽带提速、电商、次新股、4G概念、特钢、建材、互联网、家居用品、软件服务等板块表现较好;总体来说:今日市场再次呈现震荡整理的行情。如果用一个词来形容当下市场,那就是“震荡牛皮市”;沪指及创业板指数自8月16日以来,一直在上下不超过100点的狭窄空间内运行,市场整体处于一种较为沉闷的状态,仅有的少量热点板块对市场的整体带动力不够,影响力也就大打折扣,致使场内赚钱效应严重不足。正因为此,中航证券樊波近期对市场的观点一直保持着谨慎的态度,所以在昨日《爬升格局能否重仓博弈》的博文中我们重点强调:“保持好对当下市场整体格局的认知,同时制定与市场环境相匹配的交易策略,才是投资的重点所在。后期还将继续震荡运行,当下赚钱效应不十分充足,切忌重仓盲目追涨,控制仓位依然是最佳的交易策略。”回到盘面中,PPP题材是当下绝对的热门,不过这个题材所表现出来的能量,依然不能够对绝大多数个股形成传递,也就是说PPP题材依然属于8月份恒大概念及高送转退潮后的一个阶段性热点,领袖板块的气质并没有凸显出来,由于领袖板块迟迟不能涌现,所以股指强烈突破的动能就有所打折,从技术面看沪指3160点、创业板2260点附近都是比较明显的压力所在。总结一句话:PPP题材的短期上涨行情对其他大多数板块的带动性不足,在一定程度上制约了市场突破的力度,沪指3160点、创业板2260点是近期股指最大的阻力位所在。股市早报,投资前瞻,涨停预测,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】相关的主题文章: