Singapore in the non aligned summit we mention the South China Sea arbitration by the multinational

Singapore in the non aligned summit we mention the South China Sea arbitration by the multinational Sohu news against the seventeenth Nam Summit (NAM) in Venezuela in September 18th closing, the meeting adopted the guiding movement in the next 3 years of development, "Margarita declaration". President of the rotating presidency of Venezuela, said Maduro, the non aligned movement will continue to promote the development of the world multipolarization. However, according to the "Global Times" reported on September 21st, informed sources, in the process of consultation documents, Singapore has insisted that Philippines Nanhai arbitration into the endorsement of the content, because many countries clearly opposed, eventually had to give up. The non aligned movement was born in 1961, held a meeting every 3 years, reflecting the small and medium-sized countries to get rid of the great powers of control, the will to pursue independence, has been trying to maintain the influence of the world’s major situation. The seventeenth session of the series of non aligned movement was held from 13 to 18 in Venezuela’s Margarita Island, where the most important non aligned movement summit held on the 17 to 18. 14 heads of state and government, as well as high-level representatives from more than and 100 countries and international organizations attended the summit. Venezuela took over from Iran as the rotating presidency of the organization in 2019. The 120 member countries of the non aligned movement, the vast majority of developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, have broad representation in the international community. China became an observer state of the non aligned movement in September 1992. Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong to attend the G20 summit in Hangzhou according to the "Global Times" said insiders China media reporters, during a consultation, there are many countries speak clearly opposed to strengthen the South China Sea involving content, the representative of Singapore was flustered, to oppose his attempts to state the position in the debate taunt, even make impertinent remarks on behalf of. The position of justice on the country’s malicious attacks. Not only that, in the foreign ministers’ meeting and after Singapore’s continuous open challenge as chairman of New problems crop up unexpectedly., Venezuela’s ruling, again by many countries clearly oppose. Many delegates expressed dissatisfaction with Singapore’s solidarity with the non aligned movement and the public challenge to the non aligned movement decision-making process and practices. Singapore out of self-interest, repeatedly entangled in consultations and meetings, many delays the progress of the meeting to the night, also aroused resentment. The source believes that if Singapore continues to intervene in the South China Sea dispute is not appropriate, it is bound to affect the relationship between China and new zealand. Prior to August 15th to 16, China and ASEAN countries held in Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, the implementation of the "Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea," the thirteenth senior officials and the joint working group of the eighteenth. Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin Chinese Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" in answer to a reporter’s question, surely Singapore as the coordinating country played an important role, he also said, "Singapore is not the South China Sea parties, we hope that Singapore in the case not to intervene in the South China Sea to actively promote the ASEAN countries and Chinese strengthen cooperation, strengthen coordination, play more big role." During the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Xi Jinping met with Mr. Li Xianlong, both sides said at the core of the country相关的主题文章: