South Korea accused the Orangemen off too extravagant I used to live in Top Class

South Korea accused the Orangemen off too extravagant? Had lived in a lot of Top Class Hotel – Sohu at 19 tonight, the Orangemen will start from Shenyang to their first top 12 alive preliminaries trip to Seoul, the Orangemen guarantee an unprecedented intensity is less than two hours while There was no parallel in history., from Shenyang to Seoul flight time, but still flew to the West and schedule. That way: the selection of charter flights to 50 commercial machines, including 30 first-class cabin and 20 business class. China Football Association this will cost tens of millions of funds, in order to reduce the players’ turn, and because of the travelling produce physical exhaustion and accident. Not only that, on the road of accommodation and logistical support of the Orangemen also try to choose the high standard, Seoul first, China hotel location of Millennium Seoul Hilton, the Orangemen will pack two hotel floors, and have strict security to prevent outside interference is that some players, the dining environment is also not an exception, the players will dine in a large suite of the meal and do not go to the public area, and even made a special trip from home to cook with 24 hours of food security for the country foot. The pleasant mountain view, it is hard to imagine that the Millennium Seoul Hilton was also located in the center of Seoul, from the South Gate of the market just 5 minutes walk distance, Dong shopping district walk only 10 minutes, traffic is convenient, is the perfect hotel restaurants and fitness facilities, and even have a golf training field. In fact, the hope to get into Russia’s qualification, Chinese FA also make every effort in the country, compared to the 150 million yuan prize luxury outlet heavily, the logistics cost is not really what is now the capital of China join football market increasingly high enthusiasm, the ball city also promoted the China football hot revenue, can let the Orangemen soldiers Houguwuyou is no ground for blame. But in the past few years, in fact, the Orangemen staying away games when the hotel has already become the focus of media attention, just want to Chinese’s convincing performance, so that we can be the focus of attention back from outside the stadium transfer. In early 2002, the Orangemen in Inchon to participate in the visit South Korea match, Check Inn Hotel has been criticized, they enter the Paradise Hotel Olympus although it opened for a long time, but because the luxurious facilities known locally as "Inchon paradise", and the focus of attention is on the first floor of the hotel has a casino. Contains 20 big game, there are 24 tables, this kind of environment will affect the player has aroused widespread attention, and the final two teams in Inchon 0:0 shake hands. The key battle of November 2015 alive preliminaries against Hongkong, the Orangemen in the Check Inn Hotel choice has become a focus of media reports: as the country foot at five star red? Harbour Grand Kowloon traffic convenience, distance red? Stadium is very near, the hotel was also Chelsea, visiting Argentina and other giants, but before the in Qatar when visiting only chose a four star hotel. Therefore, Hong Kong media said China as a world powerhouse, "domineering filling, filling the tone of ridicule, and the final score of 0:0 is.相关的主题文章: