South Korean police threatened to track down more than and 30 boats to escape from China – Sohu Mili-aspack

Korean police threatened to trace the more than and 30 ship sea vessels to escape Chinese – Sohu informed the Military Channel Global Times reported: Korea maritime police arrest and machinegun China fishing events continue to ferment. According to Yonhap reported on 3, the South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Junhe said at a regular press conference on China’s South Korean coastguard vessels for questioning Chinese violence law enforcement retort that cannot accept the Chinese version. Zhao Junhe said, Korea maritime police use guns of the "root cause" is China illegal fishing fishing, fishermen Chinese "organized and brutally deliberately challenge South Korea law enforcement". Yonhap said, "October 7th Chinese fishing sank the South Korean coastguard boats" after the incident, Chinese fishing boats still illegal fishing and organized violence against law. South Korean Foreign Ministry summoned the 2 China Embassy in South Korea consul general, expressed strong protest. South Korea said the arrest China fishing process was around more than and 30 Chinese fishing ship "threat", in this regard, South Korea’s KBS television reported on 3, according to the Inchon maritime patrol safety day news, 1, detained China fishing boat captain and crew in the survey, and denied when the South Korean coastguard ship and a dispute the China fishing boats have any relationship. But in the China by maritime police informant was informed that the detained fishing boats and fishing boats that are "to the sea". Reported that the police will investigate more than and 30 ship anti Chinese method of fishing boats and nationality of the ship, after verification to the relevant departments informed China. Yonhap said the police official said, although the detained Chinese denied and fled the fishermen fishing, but if the relationship between these vessels was confirmed, the liar will become "guilty of obstruction of official crime special".相关的主题文章: