SPDB credit card new upgrade system to accelerate the integration era-christie stevens

SPDB credit card new upgrade system "to accelerate the integration era spending tens of thousands of pieces, but the integral saved but only enough to exchange 10 yuan bill? Each card has some scattered points, but can not be accumulated together with the exchange of goods in mind? Similar credit card points do not want to use, but do not want to spend enough to spend, the problem, presumably a lot of cardholders have encountered, and thus in the card hoarding a considerable amount of zombie points". The day before, following the launch of the integral play a variety of innovative forms, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit card 1.5 times to accelerate the integration of "New Deal", starting from the source of value for customers, focus on solving customer redeem demand and the actual use of contradictions between the rate. It is understood that the credit card system upgrade measure acceleration due to the SPDB credit card brewing for nearly two years. It is reported that, during the period from October 15th to upgrade the system date to June 30th next year, users SPDB credit card consumption, all enjoy 1.5 times the speed of integral points of consumption rights, including 1 times and 0.5 times the conventional integral bonus points; for the cardholder, integral means to accelerate the accumulation of substantial acceleration and welfare enjoy preferential services". After the upgrade of the system, the cardholder in the consumer the same amount of cases will get more points; at the same time, validity period will also be fully extended, has held the SPDB credit card master card customers, the validity period will be based on the original 8 additional years, the cardholder does not need to worry about integral expired, Pudong this is the real "customers would like to think, to help the people". In addition to acceleration of "New Deal", the system upgrade SPDB credit card, the account management level has made substantial improvement, so that users can more easily manage their credit card in the future. First of all, for the majority of customers under the name of all the SPDB credit card account will be unified into one share holder has the maximum amount of credit; at the same time, the same cardholder account for all credit card transaction information will also be fixed monthly bills on the merger issue a bill, eliminating the customer card repayment trouble L, the user experience greatly. Another big surprise after the upgrade of the system is that the cardholder account with all credit card points will also carry out the merger, users can make full use of sand into the tower "cluster effect", the points accumulated, using integral combined centralized exchange value of equity. Insiders pointed out that after the integration of points, credit card points will be used to break the barriers, the impact of the integration of the overall effectiveness of the real consumer value added". In the play, SPDB credit card is to subvert the traditional thinking of the usual industry, its convenient integral online exchange mode, covering food, gas, flow, recharge and other goods, including a variety of online and offline shopping scene, let users really can put points when the money "; while continuing the recent update" 1 points "explosive goods against looting activities, because of its small investment, high return" activities to attract a large number of customers welcome, from the popular digital products to the concert tickets, concert tickets, such as high commodity, SPDB credit card to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all the advantages of resources for the benefit of the majority of cardholders. According to the different needs of different groups, pudong.相关的主题文章: