Star network survival model not just anonymous diving so simple-roxane hayward

Star network survival mode: not just so simple on the stage diving anonymous screen we watched the star interpretation of Health Net ugly end, said almost all the story of others; in the news star is another state, to the extent that it faces close to their own, but still wear a mask; the situation in the real world, the more popular stars more there is no private space. In the above three conditions, the stars tend to tighten their nerves, the current network only provides them with a hidden star aura, you can enjoy the normal but free treatment of space. Star mode in the network life is different, some anonymous diving, there are some vest, who recently flashed Mami, actor Zhang Yi in the know the real name answer raised by netizens "as an actor kissing is a kind of experience", "what is the type of actor Li Chen will the red", his answer is professional and not to lose interest, has become one of the star group is one of the few "knowledge on Master". Master mode was not invited. "Also nobody asked this question, but will not answer old." Zhang Yi is the real name authentication actor in the know, but as an actor kissing is a kind of experience, this is not his answer, so he take the initiative. Zhang Yi in answer to both mentioned in his film "Goodfellas" and actress Eiko completed kissing experience, also cited other examples, lack of technical content, such as borrow, "in the face of the camera, as long as the focal points. From the point of view can also be used in another way, he put her hands to her face, kissed on just two of his thumb……" A lot of friends are Zhang Yi’s humorous style move, as he wrote the first time shooting more than and 10 years ago when expressed as follows, "then the cycle of TV drama production schedule is not well-off, death, so people’s creative mentality is also very stable. But one afternoon, must cultivate the feelings, you can feel the feudal system under the weight of an arranged marriage pain?" Then Zhang Yi answered the question, "why is this type of actor will be red," said Li Chen, "not only handsome, but also no characteristic", """. Zhang Yi affirmed Li Chen’s acting, even said in a recent television drama "Goodfellas" in Li Chen played better than yourself. In addition to Li Chen’s character full of praise, "for the line, will be good only through a really good character, is the real money, A just cause enjoys abundant support." Zhang Yi revealed in the phrase "difficult to find Li Chen," he said once in the studio encountered psychiatric patients waved a meter long sword, Li Chen first rushed uniform each other. In addition, Zhang Yi also revealed that the TV drama "Goodfellas" which lasted four years before the broadcast, also thanks to Li Chen "a person silently with each TV to knock", things settled after Li Chen is directly in front of me crying like a child". It was Post Bar as of now Zhang Yi has focused on 19 topics, the recent concerns include "how to find lung cancer early?" Haze in Beijing in recent years has significantly affected your mood? Do you still want to stay in this city?" "With Na Lin相关的主题文章: