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Business Having an offshore .pany can be a powerful financial tool. Carlo Scevola & Partners (CS&P) are here to help you set up your offshore .pany. CS&P will provide privacy and asset protection services for your .pany. Their team will set up an offshore .pany that you can operate legally in most jurisdictions. You can depend on CS&P because they will be with you every step of the way. Consider this; CS&P can start your offshore enterprise quickly and prudently. They can form your offshore .pany almost anywhere in the world with connections in 80 countries and six continents. Carlo Scevola & Partners History Headquarted in Geneva Switzerland, with branches in six continents, this fiduciary .pany is ready to meet all your offshore .pany needs. CS&P is an international .pany providing offshore business services and financial planning services. Performing consulting services and other business services for high net worth individuals is their specialty. CS&P has a solid 15 year track record serving clients successfully. Carlo Scevola & Partners Benefits You will greatly benefit by using CS&P to set up you offshore .pany because they will provide you with information on how to protect your assets legally. All your offshore .pany business information is kept strictly confidential. In some cases, CS&P will set up your offshore .pany and you will have no lower taxes or no taxes to pay in some offshore jurisdictions. Well organized and experienced, CS&P can help you avoid paying taxes legally. Carlo Scevola & Partners Services Determined to exceed your expectations and striving to do exactly what you expect, CS&P will listen to everything you say before we speak. Built on a foundation of trust and honesty, we listen to our clients to provide a professional service. Working with our highly qualified and dedicated staff, will keep you at ease because they will answer any questions you may have about starting your offshore business. Expect CS&P to provide you with additional information about offshore bank accounts, offshore trusts and offshore assets. Carlo Scevola & Partners Your Offshore .pany When CS&P creates your offshore .pany, they will instruct you on the importance of choosing a legitimate jurisdiction. For example, if you wanted to establish your offshore .pany in Switzerland, CS&P would see this as being a respectable jurisdiction. Also, when your offshore business is set up, they will provide you with a certification of incorporation which is proof that your offshore business does exist. Carlo Scevola & Partners When you are searching for information about starting an offshore .pany, Carlo Scevola & Partners is the place to go for help. We can be reach at Carloscevola… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: