State Bank edition PS VR global number of domestic companies will benefit from the first g227

The state line version of PS VR the world’s first domestic company will benefit from the day before, SONY China announced, will be held PS VR China Conference on October 13th, officially released the PSVR version of the National Bank, and the new PS4 host. In addition, the day a total of 32 PSVR game content is also launched, including the game for the players, casual games, 360 degrees, as well as animated films, etc.. As the world’s first country line version of PSVR, the Oriental Pearl and many other domestic and SONY cooperation company is expected to benefit from it.   according to SuperData sales data, SONY PS VR will receive 2 million 600 thousand units sold, because the SONY PS4 has a huge user base, PS4 game player currently has more than 40 million, may mean that there are about 6% years in the host users will choose to buy PSVR. If this is 2 million, the explosion VR games this year is expected to exceed $40 million in total downloads water; if the sales of PS VR next year more than 4 million units, while the explosion of VR Games next year total download water is expected to exceed $120 million, annual sales of more than PSVR for VR equipment, VR game industry will constitute a positive effect.相关的主题文章: