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Stocks than the patience of the international speculators to copy foreign investment institutions to see what the stock Sina App: Live on-line blogger one-on-one coaching opportunities: participating expert Niugu A shares the construction of onlookers have not been overcome the 3100 point mark, the Fed rate hike is always a Damour Damocles hanging in the femoral head A. Retreat or hold on? Small retail is still tangled. However, in retail still hesitating, even by the frequent do short do business with a small capital ", part of the international speculators will not hesitate to hand. With the A shares of Listed Companies in the three quarterly disclosure, many QFII (qualified foreign institutional investors), RQFII (RMB qualified foreign institutional investors) positions have surfaced, including the world’s second largest fund company pilot group, emerging market fund giant BlackRock and the Swiss banks, Morgan Stanley and other international speculators. The world’s second largest fund led by overseas institutions quietly lurking this Tuesday, Zhejiang stocks UOB shares released a beautiful "report card": the first three quarters of net profit of more than 1 billion yuan, reached 1 billion 70 million yuan, an increase of more than 40%. After declining growth rate of the previous two years, UOB shares zaiduofali. UOB shares has been the fund in the eyes of the "pet", this time to get the favour of QFII. Three of the Quarterly Bulletin shows that the QFII China international financial Asset Management Co of Hongkong new figure of the top ten shareholders in the 2013, approved QFII holds 26 million 600 thousand and 300 shares, ranked fifth large shareholders. In addition to UOB shares, the QFII in the three quarter also bought 5 million 113 thousand and 200 shares of source electric, but also not in the top ten shareholders of circulation. Swiss bank is the first approved the first batch of QFII, May 2003 has been allowed to invest in A shares, the value of its investment philosophy and the successful experience in the A share market has been praised for investors. According to published data, the end of the three quarter holdings of Hikvision, boss appliances, conch three stocks, the boss appliances are three quarter to buy new stocks of Hikvision; substantial holdings, the number of shares increased from 70 million 540 thousand shares to 114 million 650 thousand shares. The American pilot group (The Vanguard Group, Inc.) is the only approved QFII in September 1st this year, the investment situation of its pilot can make nothing of it, but the investment in Australia Co. Ltd. in March 2015 approved the qualification of RQFII. Public information, navigation group (Vanguard) is the world’s second largest fund company, is also the largest ETF company. As of June 30, 2016, the total assets managed by the group was $3 trillion and 600 billion; ETF assets of $566 billion. The group’s emerging markets fund is the world’s largest emerging market fund, the scale of $51 billion 500 million. Statistics show that as of the end of the three quarter, the investment of Australia Ltd. through its pilot emerging market stock index fund holds 926 thousand and 200 shares tradable shares Hangyang, accounted for 0.11%, for the ninth largest shareholder of相关的主题文章: