Stop being a kid. – Sohu

Don’t put the children when the children of the Sohu maternal time flies, blink my calf grew up, recently a lot of emotion, time flies, the wasted years, I’ve been getting old, children of course is growing up day by day. Not only the body is growing, the child’s ability to improve all aspects of the day by day. When children and maternal separation, came to this world, he is an independent individual, parents give children life, would of course be responsible for raising children, but when the responsibility of the need to pay attention to some problems. First of all, the child can not be regarded as their own children. We all have friends, friends of mutual trust between the parents understand, only trust can give you the friendship between a bright; but if not enough trust between you and your friend, but every day the mistrust each other, try to figure out each other’s psychology, thinking of how to let the other side to you, then you the road of friendship will be dark. Also, children like to make friends with us, you are the child’s parents, but you also served as a teacher of children and friends, friends and the several can give children the most nutrient position. Parents learn how to make friends with their children in order to truly enter the child’s heart, to understand the child’s thoughts, to know what the child wants to be able to communicate with the child. Three year old calf is one of my best friends in life, every family will call me, call me playing games in the game, learning what to share with me to the kindergarten and friends come back with me, he love maintenance tools and engineering vehicles, get a new tool will allow me to operate together with him, this is not just because I was his mother, more importantly I was his friend. As the saying goes: with what people, what to say. Then together with the children not only to children, more children to do things, so you can quickly become one with the child. Why did the Mavericks tell me everything? All I can say is that I used a lot more than anyone else. The children are also have self-esteem, when his game or tool, when you feel childish and showing it to the heart will be an invisible against the child, the child will be what we don’t want to say with you, because his heart in the conflict, in fear. On the contrary, if your performance when the child to share with you these things is so surprise, let the children feel that he is proud of you, and in a word or expression, the child’s heart is happy, the happiness from the inside, the whole family is full of happy atmosphere. Some parents doubt, often let the children feel happy, don’t let him know a little cruel social reason, after he entered the society will not stand on the road to ruin the. I want to say that children are at the age is to enjoy the happy age, from children to instill social pressure theory, will ruin the child of the world aspire to the major aspects that will ruin the child’s "three".相关的主题文章: