Subdivision of the leading three new board listed Puppy appliances and other vertical to promote hig footman

The leading sub listed on the new board: Puppy appliances vertical promoting high margin reporter Livy Beijing reported as emission layer, three new board private institutions making industry positive, the total number of listed company and the surge since 2015, more leading sub sectors are seeking new sanban. Twenty-first Century economic report reporter recently from the National SME share transfer system (hereinafter referred to as stock transfer system) was informed that the electrical appliance industry as a puppy online in leading the field of cleaner, recently also disclosed "public transfer instructions" (hereinafter referred to as the "one book"), which means that the distance a step closer to listing. In fact, from the beginning of the establishment of the new board, leading industry segments of the phenomenon is not uncommon vied for listing. For example, the game in the field of payment Yuan Technology (832028), the 99 mutual entertainment gaming marketing industry (836385), the clean ship manufacturing by environmental protection (831846) and already have landed, according to the analysis of CITIC Securities, a new three people, three new board of the leading sub – there may be hundreds of. According to the insiders, mostly leading sub sectors competing layout three new board listed reasons, on the one hand is the total number of three new board expansion, seize the market, betting bonus system may potentially; on the other hand, and the company by the new board specification for their own business and improve the visibility of the appeal is not without relevance. At present, the rhythm of the new three board listing has been in control, many listed company intends to consider whether the follow-up policy will change, so many companies are also at this point to pay attention to promote the rhythm of the listing." China and Thailand securities who think, "compared with the general company, listed company intends to have the concept of leading industry segments will have stronger promoting impulse." The leading sub beach logic from 2014 three new board expansion accelerated, similar to the puppy appliances such leading industry segments are not uncommon. Most of the industry leaders appear on the motherboard, and before the new board has been more than the emergence of the industry is the leading segment, and the attention of these segments of the leading edge is also increasing." CITIC Securities aforementioned three new board business sources said. Because the industry is very much after differentiation, may be more than a few hundred, as many people do not know before some of the leading points, but also because the listing of three new board was noticed." The source said. In the industry view, the breakdown of the three listed companies have been listed in the back of the three new board, the number of listed companies and the increase in the number of listed, listed company intends to standardize the vision of corporate governance structure. For example, this is to be listed on the chairman of the board, chairman of the board of the small dog Chong believes that one of the purposes of the listing of three new board is to further standardize the operation of enterprises. "The puppy appliances have to apply for the listing of three new board, the main management company is preferred to the three new board, through the application of three new board listing, to realize the standardization operation of the company as soon as possible, and open up the capital market channel." Tan Chong told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report. Industry researchers believe that with the deepening of the professional market segmentation and the market is becoming more and more vertical, some sectors of the market segments of the market concentration or have a larger space for improvement相关的主题文章: