Summary of Euro institutional outlook in February 23rd (European market)

In February 23rd the euro institutions view summary (European city) Dafeng Bank of the euro against the dollar yesterday fell over the euro trend analysis. In February PMI eurozone announced to 52.7, reached the lowest level in 13 months, the data suggest that eurozone economic activity has slowed, the European Central Bank in March to take further easing measures of support, the euro fell under pressure, the minimum fell to 1.1044. Market outlook, market attention this week will be announced in January the euro zone consumer price index rate and the number of U.S. economic data, expected in the new message before entering the market, the weakness of the euro. XM Euro yesterday after the opening of the city down concussion, intraday negative factors in the expansion of the decline, from the daily line of view, the current under the 1.0980-90 line support, the next break can further open the downstream space. 4H to MA20 line continuation of yesterday’s rebound short period, late fall to early intensive support slightly again, the short-term moving average Guaitou slightly, the long-term average pressure above the lower Bollinger rail, rail, on the narrow, technical adjustment days after the continuation of the overnight decline. 1H yesterday after the adjustment in place below 1.1080 bearish today after the opening line to start the battle for around 1.1020, the average short-term gather, the long-term average slightly away from the top concern today, 1.101.1080-85 resistance line, the exchange rate is expected to continue to keep under test daily early intensive support area. From the upward direction, the top resistance is 1.1080, 1.1130, 1.1180, from the downward direction, the support below 1.0990, 1.0940, 1.0880. GoMarkets gaohui EURUSD breaking 1.1100 after rising trend will come to an end, 1.1100 in 1.1200 area is now short-term resistance, if the rebound in the future will have the opportunity to cross 1.1100, fell below 1.1000 and a larger decline trend, more and more above resistance at 1.1400, below support at 1.0950 and 1.0800. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

2月23日欧元机构观点汇总(欧市)   大丰银行   欧罗兑美元走势分析   昨日欧罗反覆下跌。欧元区公布的2月份综合PMI初值降至52.7,创下13个月最低水平,该数据暗示欧元区经济活动有所放缓,对欧洲央行于3月份采取一步宽松措施构成支持,欧罗受压下跌,最低跌至1.1044。后市方面,市场关注本周将公布的欧元区一月份消费者物价指数年率以及多项美国经济数据,预料在新消息入市前,欧罗走势偏弱。   XM   欧元昨日亚市开盘后震荡下行,盘中在利空因素打压下扩大跌幅,从日线来看,目前下方面临1.0980-90一线支撑,下破后方可进一步打开下行空间。   4H昨日反弹至MA20一线空头延续,尾盘时段回落至前期密集支撑区略有反复,目前短期均线略有拐头,中长期均线上方承压,布林中轨偏下,上下轨收窄,日内技术性调整后有延续隔夜下跌之势。   1H昨日调整到位后失守1.1080后偏空,今日开盘后围绕1.1020一线展开多空争夺,目前短期均线聚拢,中长期均线略有远离,今日上方关注1.101.1080-85一线阻力,汇价保持在此下方有望继续测试日线前期密集支撑区。   从上行方向看,上方阻力1.1080,1.1130,1.1180,从下行方向看,下方支撑1.0990,1.0940,1.0880。   GoMarkets高汇   欧元 美元   下破1.1100后上升趋势将告一段落,1.1100合1.1200一带现在成为短线阻力,若未来反弹无法越过1.1100,则有机会跌破1.1000并展开更大规模下跌走势,更上方阻力位于1.1400,更下方支撑位于1.0950和1.0800。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: