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Health How do I wake my children up for school? If you are like many parents, going back to school may not be a wonderful event. In the majority of cases, children have been staying up later than the normal bedtime for school, sleeping late in the morning, and of course are not on any type of schedule. This just means you will be the one telling them to get up in the morning, shaking them over and over again to get them out of bed, and then stressing out trying to get them to hurry up in order to catch the bus on time or you will be driving them to school. What is the solution? The answer is ingenious innovative products known as the Sunrise alarm clocks. The alarm clocks help everyone adjust their internal clocks subsequently they will be able to wake up in the morning as well as go to bed on time in the evening. You may be wondering how a simple alarm clock can do all this. Well, the answer is that the Sunrise alarm clock has a light that simulates the rising and setting of the sun, which our body uses as a mechanism to know when to rest and when to arise. Sunrise alarm clocks can be found in a large variety of styles and designs. A few of the most popular include the BioBrite Sunrise Clock Junior for Kids, the BioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clock, and the EZ Wake SunRise clock. When comparing the various features of these sunrise alarm clocks, you should able to choose the best sunrise alarm clock for your family. The BioBrite Sunrise Clock Junior for Kids features include up to a full 30 minutes of gradually fading light that aids in soothing your child to sleep, two sunset options which are fade to darkness and fade to nightlight, adjustable lighting such as brighter for bedtime story time and softer for night time feeding if needed, gradual brightening option for sunrise, moon and stars globe for light ray patterns, and created with an unbreakable polycarbonate plastic globe. The BioBrite Sunrise Alarm Clock is perfect for any age. The features of this sunrise alarm clock includes display brightness controls, automatic snooze feature, the ability to set different dawn and dusk cycles, and the nightlight option fades to 10% instead of complete darkness. The EZ Wake SunRise clock features include a fixed 30 minutes ramp up sunrise and sunset, a backup alarm option, and has a smaller based than the other models. It is very easy to use which makes it one of the most popular sellers. If you really want to help your children train their internal clock in a natural way instead of stressing yourself out every morning and every night until they get back into the routine, then a sunrise alarm clock will be the answer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: