Super mobile phone net shines inside and outside the stadium as the mobile Brand Globalizatio diying

Super mobile phone net shines inside and outside the stadium as the mobile   Brand Globalization — communication channel – Chinese open into the second half, in the next few days to decide the winner of the championship. In this network, music as a super mobile phone is shining inside and outside the stadium. As the mobile Chinese tennis tournament as a platinum sponsor, through the network of top international competitions not only show the music as ecological products under the flag is for music as a super mobile phone landing lay an important foundation of globalization. As the mobile network to top events, through the Chinese ecological model of inside and outside the stadium tennis tournament as the world’s top events, women’s events became WTA after the four Grand Slam tournament crown, man was promoted to ATP500 game, only less than four of the Grand Slam tournament and ATP1000. It is not difficult to see that the net has a mature operating mode and high international influence. LETV mobile net as a platinum sponsor, although the first collaboration, but the music as mobile concept and mode of ecology into one, by the network show LETV mobile power in the international arena, but also make a contribution to Chinese tennis. First of all, as the entrance of the ecological experience as a super mobile phone can be described as shining inside and outside the stadium. Diamond stadium and lotus stadium after the victory of the self timer equipment, music as the latest flagship music Pro3. Whether it is Chinese Jinhua Zhang Shuai, or Peng Shuai, the world champion Nadal Pro3 through music fans and self recording together for a moment of joy. Outside the stadium, as the music hall also shows the music as the second generation of super mobile phones and music Pro3 has been praised by many fans, the famous commentator Zhan Jun also visited the exhibition hall experience. Italy tennis player is ceppi and fans interact, use the music Pro3 Dianqiu contest, what makes this flagship product shining inside and outside the stadium. In addition, the ecological philosophy is based on the ultimate hardware to provide users with a new way of life of the Internet ecosystem. In the net during the race, the music and the network jointly launched the star ball Syria, star will meet, LETV lucky ball, fans watching the scene, a variety of interactive activities such as master skill and the network related, let fans experience the ultimate hardware and content rich ecological resources, ecological benefits and services more, can make love tennis the fans through the music to find a sense of belonging. At the same time, through such activities can also further promote the popularization of tennis in China, let more fans, fans understand tennis, tennis, like to participate in tennis. Music as the ecological environment is gradually creating a multi scene ecological experience. Such as watching sports games, fans can purchase tickets to the music as a super mobile phone, and in the day to remind fans to watch the game near the tip, and travel, can achieve a key call easy to go to the stadium. Arrived at the scene, you can also watch the video as a result of the super mobile phone to bring the video event information. The mobile phone can also take pictures of music as a super game scene instantly, and through individual cloud print service the photos into albums, mugs, mobile phone shell and other peripheral products, let the fans users to fully experience the new way of life brings music as ecology. Music as a super mobile phone as international top enterprises, brand globalization accelerated Music)相关的主题文章: