Surprised! Two Olympic weightlifting found 41 people were forbidden to get a medal in the

Surprised! Two Olympic weightlifting found 41 people 22 people won the Chen Xiexia medal banned once China delegation won the first Beijing Olympic gold International Weightlifting Federation yesterday in the official website issued a notice, in the re testing of International Olympic Committee on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games athletes test samples, 15 heavy lift athletes tested positive, including three Chinese at that time, the gold medalist athletes: Chen Xiexia (women’s 48 kg class), Liu Chunhong (women’s 69 kg class), Cao Lei (women’s 75 kg class). According to the relevant regulations, impose a temporary ban on the International Weightlifting Federation of the 15 players. Chen Xiexia won the women’s weightlifting 48 kg class gold medal, which is the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation at the Beijing olympics. Three Chinese weightlifter, Chen Xiexia and Cao Lei have been detected in GHRP-2 (ghrl) components, in addition to the G H R Liu Chunhong P-2, Sibutram ine (Sibuty Ming, a slimming effect stimulating agents) also showed positive reaction. According to CCTV micro-blog @C C T V 5 revealed that the growth hormone releasing peptide in the list has not clearly stated in the 2008 World Anti Doping Agency, but is banned in the checklist "and release factor" peptide hormone list, and in 2008 the sibutramine list is clearly marked as doping. It is reported that the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center cite fall soft before the announcement, notice of the International Weightlifting Federation has been received, and have the relevant information and report to the administration, how to handle the event will be announced as soon as possible. The Chinese Weightlifting Association yesterday issued a statement, said shocked "of news, such as" after verifying the existence of irregularities, the responsible person will be severely punished without leniency, in accordance with the law". According to regulations, the urine samples during the Olympic Games to be kept for 8 years. From the beginning of August last year, the International Olympic Committee has 2008 of Beijing and London in 2012 of the two Olympic Games retained more than 1 thousand and 200 athletes with urine and blood samples were retested. According to reports, this review uses the latest science and technology analysis. Had a lot of weight lifting athletes tested positive for the London Olympics in Kazakhstan sacked, including all 4 weightlifting gold medalist. In accordance with the provisions of the International Olympic Committee, pharmaceutical players will be stripped of medals. In 19 days this month, the International Olympic Committee has announced that there are 3 Russian athletes in 2008 Olympic Games doping examination results were positive, including helping the Russian team won the women’s 400 meters relay silver 4× Anastasia, the Russian team won the silver medal will be shipped in the Beijing Olympic relay therefore deprived Anastasia, the women’s individual the fifth place is 400 meters to be cancelled. Voice over two Olympic weightlifting 41 people checked from June 15th to August 24th, the International Weightlifting Federation five bursts of public disclosure of this information, without exception, are in the International Olympic Committee in 2008 and 2012 Olympic athletes urine review action, was found in the field of "move to weightlifting". Before and after a total of 46 passengers, the actual number of 41 people. The five batch of announced players, no one;相关的主题文章: