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Taipei does not know the audience "double film"   Ma Sichun regret thanks speak poor [figure – Culture – original title: Taipei audience does not know the "double film" Ma Sichun said sorry thanks in "July and still" at the reception, the reporters saw from the hotel to change clothes off and Dongyu Zhou the two budding actress Ma Sichun. Take off the ceremony is "immortal" dress, wearing a back loose plaid shirt, a put on a handsome suit, was restored to their original appearance, young, natural, and no winner feel superior. Because "in July and she" because no way because of the quota released in the Taiwan area, many local users of two small artistes are not very understanding, so they can have questioned why tied for the winner, and the "Taiwan speech" is out of order". The new express reporter asked whether the two is not ready to thank the word, Ma Sichun said: how can I say so bad? Even the ‘air conditioning is good big’ out." The reporter asked Ma Sichun on the stage to say "get married", she felt shy at this time, said: "my mother told me later, do a good thing when a good person, always get married." Two actress said this can get the prize is enough because the "lucky", before in the background when they were still credited to "character consistency". "I’ve seen" I’m not Pan Jinlian, "and I think Bing Bing played so well that she spoke dialect, and the shape of the image of her image." Dongyu Zhou said: "if I go to play, I certainly can not play her so well." Golden Horse Film Festival chairman Wen Tianxiang in the background also read the judges on the two small artistes, the young actor to think they set a good example, especially for those who take a lot of drama actor. Dongyu Zhou said modestly: "I was encouraged, can not say to others that this is a textbook, my face is very small." (New Express (reporter Liu Yan) commissioning editor Chen Yuan and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: