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Taiwan media said fourth times, ten years to suppress the real estate: This is not serious news with Bloomberg said that the Beijing authorities plan to further strict control Chinese funds into the mainland real estate market, resulting in Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index fell, real estate development, cement, glass, iron ore and other raw materials stocks led. Taiwan’s Yonhap news website, citing Bloomberg reports in October 11th, said the mainland financial regulatory authorities were studying how to prevent speculative money from flowing into the housing market. This will be the fourth wave of action by the mainland authorities over the past ten years. The first three waves took place in 2006 -2007, 2010 -2011 and 2012 -2013, respectively. But Citigroup analysts and analysts of the investment macro company believe that the mainland this time to suppress real estate, the impact should be less serious, there are three reasons. First, the price of the hurricane is roughly concentrated in the metropolitan area, the demand is strong, although there are speculative funds involved, but there are real end-user needs to provide support. Citigroup pointed out that, compared with the previous wave of overheating in the market, low prices in the city, and demand volatility, the wave of demand is emerging in the metropolitan area, although it may cool down, but not short-lived. Two, the strength of the housing price is stronger, because the interest rate has dropped a lot. Citigroup, for example, points out that the average interest rate for the first suite is now 4.4%, down from 6.7% to 8.5% in the past. So housing prices are relatively cheap, houses for sale are scarce, and supply is tight. Three, real estate developers are more moderate this time. From the macro point of view, the growth rate of the floor area has slowed down from nearly 40% in 2010 to about 8% at present. Stock losses, how to do? Look here, whether you fry A shares, U.S. stocks, gold or foreign exchange, where you can get the most accurate investment intelligence. Attention to WeChat public number [Wall Street intelligence] (micro signal: iMarkets) trading tired? See here, gather global famous media headlines, broaden investors trading vision. The headlines that make money are real headlines. Focus on WeChat public number [global headlines today (micro signal: ifeng_igold)

台媒称大陆十年来第四次打压房地产:这回不严重 新闻配图 彭博社称,北京当局计划进一步严密控制资金涌入中国大陆房地产市场,导致香港恒生指数应声下挫,不动产开发、水泥、玻璃、铁矿砂等原物料类股领跌。 台湾联合新闻网网站10月11日援引彭博社的报道称,大陆金融监管当局正研议如何阻止投机资金流入房市。这将是大陆当局过去十年来第四波“打房”行动,前三波分别发生在2006年-2007年、2010年-2011年、2012年-2013年。 但花旗研究公司与凯投宏观公司的分析师认为,大陆这一回打压房地产,影响应该较不严重,原因有以下三点。 一,这次房价狂飙大致集中在大都会区,需求原本就强,虽有投机资金参与其中,但也有真正的最终使用者需求提供支持。花旗指出,相较于前几波市场过热发生在房价较低的城市,且需求大起大落,这一波需求是在大都会区涌现,虽可能降温,但不会昙花一现。 二,此次房价的支撑力道较强,因为房贷利率已下降甚多。例如,花旗指出,首套房平均利率目前为4.4%,低于过去的6.7%至8.5%。所以,目前住宅价格相对较便宜,待售屋也较少,供应情况较为吃紧。 三,不动产开发商这回也比较有节制。凯投宏观指出,兴建中房屋的楼层面积增长幅度已趋缓,从2010年的将近40%,大幅缩减为目前的8%左右。 炒股亏了怎么办?看这里,无论你炒A股、美股、黄金还是外汇,在这里能够获得最精准的投资情报。关注微信公众号【华尔街情报】(微信号:iMarkets) 交易累了怎么办?看这里,汇聚全球知名媒体头条,拓宽投资者交易视野。能赚钱的头条才是真头条。关注微信公众号【今日全球头条】(微信号:ifeng_igold)相关的主题文章: