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Taiwan "quasi judicial yuan" was declared "the two Xu Zong Li3 theory" original title: Taiwan "quasi judicial yuan" was declared "Xu Zong Li3 two theory scholars: [the defiant observer net red] Taiwan area Cai Yingwen administration" quasi judicial yuan "Xu Zong Li3 actually claimed that the so-called special country and our relationship, defy the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Integrated media reports, "the justices" concurrently president nominee Xu Zong Li3 yesterday (13) morning to accept the Commission to review the Legislative Yuan, the KMT legislator Wang Yumin quoted Xu Xu past Zong Li3 works, about his discussion on both sides. Xu Zongli said, his idea is "3I", similar to the past relationship between East and West, this is his "constitution" interpretation, he never used the "two-state theory", he believes that this interpretation is quite friendly with the other side "". Special state to state relations, also known as the two countries, by the former leader of the Taiwan region, "Taiwan independence" Godfather Li Denghui proposed in July 1999. The two countries theory is the most important proposition of "Taiwan independence", which was put forward by Chen Shuibian in August 2002. Because, beyond the bottom line, the past has repeatedly triggered a great noise. How to explain "Taiwan area" and "mainland area"? Xu Zongli: just a political statement at a meeting yesterday, Wang Yumin cited the "law for cross-strait relations with the new development of the evolution of" hundred years of a book, Xu Zong Li3 wrote, "the" Republic of China "to the world including People’s Republic of China’s" independence "in fact, not only is in fact independent, and the legal independence." Wang Yumin asked Xu, in the end is that you agree with the former leader, Li Denghui, said the two countries theory, Chen Shuibian said, one side of the country, or Ma Ying-Jeou said the 92 consensus? Xu Zongli said that his claim is a special state and country relations, he never used the two countries on the three words. Xu Zongli accept the review Wang Yumin asked, your claim with Ma Ying-Jeou "92 consensus, a table" what is the difference? Xu Zongli said, Ma Ying-Jeou is not very clear that Ma Ying-Jeou is a possible "Republic of China", his "sovereignty" contains the entire Chinese continent, including Mongolia; "but my country is special, the" Republic of China "does not include Chinese sovereignty", Xu Zong Li3 said, he thought, "3I" interpretation, and the other side is quite friendly. "The power of the times legislator Xu Yongming asked Xu Zong Li3, whether People’s Republic of China is a sovereign and independent country. Xu Zongli said, "of course, no doubt". Xu Yongming asked, Xu had written "the two countries theory" and the "state of Taiwan," a book, referred to the "special state and country" is the current "constitution" on the positioning of cross-strait relations, and now it is still advocated? Xu Zongli said, this is his personal to now or so sure. He said, "the relationship between Taiwan and People’s Republic of China is not the same as the general ‘country and country’, can be fully discussed". Xu Zongli also said that his interpretation of the constitution is 23 million people in 1991 to elect their own Congress and the president, we do not represent the Chinese mainland, so I think the sovereignty.相关的主题文章: