Take notes! 2016 deas wonderful agenda to look ahead! 9c8921

Take notes! 2016 DEAS wonderful agenda to look ahead! 2016 China digital entertainment industry annual summit (DEAS) will be held at the Vittoria Hotel in Xiamen at 27~28 on December 2016. As a pan entertainment festival this year and is also the most grand, the DEAS’s agenda has recently been freshly baked, let us explore the bright side, while looking forward to the arrival of DEAS! In the Xiamen municipal government, to create pan entertainment event in Xiamen City People’s Government under the guidance of 2016 China digital entertainment industry annual summit (DEAS) by the mobile game Entrepreneur Alliance (MGEA), Siming District of Xiamen City People’s government, Shanghai Han authority Permanent Exhibition Co., Chinese VR AR Entertainment Industry Association (VREIA) jointly organized, and the strong support of the Xiamen city cultural reform and development work leading group office, Xiamen City Economic and information bureau. December 27th, the government and the union leaders will attend the meeting and delivered a speech to open the curtain of 2016 DEAS. As the focus of the outbreak of the pan entertainment year, in 2016 there are too many achievements we need to review, there are too many experiences we need to learn to sum up. As one of the highlight of the day, "2016 of the global mobile gaming industry white paper" will also in the General Assembly ceremoniously released the white paper, with rich data, comprehensively and objectively reflect the current situation of the development of the mobile gaming industry and forecast the annual industry trends, the book industry is an important tool for decision making. Four large plates, the wonderful interlocking DEAS to "Horizon of the future" as the theme, will be divided into four theme plates, are the "island of spring morning and afternoon" words "game: you also have", "VR AR: just unfolding" and "Pan Entertainment: thousands of life", on the topic of game, VR AR, film, animation, literature and other hot industries invited industry leaders and business executives attended and made a keynote speech, published independent views and outlook 2017 annual hot industry. The word "island island in the spring of spring plate, from the words" domestic games, film, animation and Internet industry bigwigs gathered to analyze the ecological environment of this year all the pan entertainment industry in the attitudes of us from all angles, and explain the context and blueprint for the future development of the industry. The General Assembly invited to vice president of Tencent, Ms. Li high game of Mr. Xu Yiran, President of the 360 games perfect world vice president and official spokesman Ms. Wang Yuyun, Iqiyi co President Mr. Xu Weifeng, Austrian flying entertainment chief strategy officer Mr. Li Bin and yogurt capital founder and innovative management group chairman Mr. Kou Xiaowei as the front man hospital wonderful speeches bring unique wisdom. There is no doubt that these companies have the absolute right to speak in the pan Entertainment: founder of Tencent as the "Pan entertainment" concept, is fully deserve leader domestic entertainment field, including online games, literature, animation, drama, film and television, a complete industrial layout; and 360 games Zhejiang TV together, launched the "2 brothers" run Mobile Games shows, the possibility of more cross-border cooperation; perfect world and hollywood!相关的主题文章: