Terrible! A man in Fuzhou has been arrested for drugged a woman’s wine-tianbi

Terrible! A man went to Fuzhou women’s wine drugged caught that drink, drink for drink, not only beverages, may also lose, more serious, would endanger the life safety!! The three things that happened in Fuzhou yesterday are enough to prove that it is not alarmist talk, but pay attention to it! Today, the micro-blog, attracted a lot of attention, netizens have the name of "justice" praise at the same time, this is also almost a drugged girl pinched the sweat: look at the good terrorist, users have the justice of praise at the same time, wonder: should alarm ah! The reporter to verify this morning, Dong Jun quickly contacted the blogger, matter to the blogger verification, the blogger said: the blogger said, it is true, the exposed drugged of justice, is the good friend of a friend, microblogging exposure of the matter, a woman would like to remind you, 2 then, want to pass the positive energy! Another netizen commented, "I met my friend last night with his friend to find a girlfriend, and this is the girl… Fortunately, the woman is fine!!! Next time, I really need to pay attention to it! In addition, unfortunately, there was no alarm, the police sent to rebel. >

可怕!福州一男子往女子酒里下药被人逮个正着 都说喝酒,小酌怡情,多喝不仅伤身,还可能失身,更严重者,会危及人生安全!!昨天发生在福州的这三件事,足以证明真不是危言耸听,千万要注意!今天,这条微博,引起很多人关注,网友们纷纷为这名“正义使者”点赞的同时,也为这个差点被下药的女孩捏把汗:看着好恐怖,网友纷纷为这正义点赞的同时,纳闷:应该报警的啊!记者核实今天上午,东快君联系上这位博主,向这位博主核实此事,该博主表示:该博主说,此事是真的,这名揭穿人下药的正义之士,就是其好朋友的朋友,发微博曝光此事,一则想提醒各位妹子,二则,想传递下这份正能量!而另一名网友,也跟帖评论说:昨晚遇见我朋友跟他朋友一起来找女朋友,就是找这女生。。。所幸,这名女子人没事!!!下回可真要注意了!另外,遗憾的是,当时没有报警,将这个欲图谋不轨的人送警局。>相关的主题文章: