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Text messages, hands, neck phantom vibration syndrome, syndrome related to mobile phone you have several? In addition to science and technology – Sohu queer walking posture, today we are going to talk about mobile phone syndrome including "text hand", "text neck", "screen myopia", "phantom vibration syndrome" and "mobile phone bacteria". When you are reading this article, you are estimated to be a "bow"". With his head down, his eyes glued to the screen, his arms outstretched, his fingers sliding down, he was completely immersed in his own virtual world, like a zombie. We just walk in the street, but no one therefore fell, more do not pay attention to who will give you a look of contempt. It turns out that we are walking down the stairs to change our original stance. The day before, scientists at the University of Delaware have carried out a number of scientific experiments, they let the volunteers using a mobile phone to dial in the treadmill walking, found that when dialing their gait will be more exaggerated, in order to reduce the chance of falls. It seems that the first step to walk down the less elegant move, and now you will also look like some stupid walking posture. Not only that, the following list of those mobile phone related syndrome, please. 1, you may also hand text sounds think this is a good thing ah, after all, then you can use the "quick seeds" to play Poké mon Go. In practice, however, this repetitive movement of the wrist and forearm can easily lead to a sore thumb. A survey found that more than 26 million of Britons suffer from thumb pain because of the long time use of mobile phones. 2, text neck as people nicknamed "iPosture" (Posture: position), this sounds like a cool APP is actually telling your spine is slowly "bent", when we overlook the long time of electronic equipment, weighing 10 to 12 pounds in the forward will be applied pressure on the spine. For example, when we tilt 15 degrees, the spine will need to bear the weight of the neck will reach 27 pounds. 2014 report shows that the "text neck" is becoming an epidemic, and will lead to permanent damage to the vertebra. 3, the British researchers first proposed screen myopia screen myopia this problem, and refers to the 1997 since the advent of smart phones, myopia increased by 35%. Smart phones, they say, are the main cause of myopia, warning that the problem will only get worse. When we have a long time staring at the screen, micro-blog brush or watch video, may appear red eyes, hyperemia, discharge and other symptoms, this is the visual fatigue performance, if not timely will rest, dry eyes, blurred vision, and even may suffer from conjunctivitis, corneal. 4, phantom vibration syndrome feel your cell phone in shock, but take a look, but found no reason to shake the phone…… This is the phantom shock syndrome (P)相关的主题文章: