Tfboys sang the first lesson when science class on behalf of the long march spirit (video)

TFBOYS sang "the first lesson" when the class representative school spirit [Abstract] it is reported that this month as "TFBOYS class represents" third times in the "first class" recording, three teenagers to learn not only the ancestors in the "Long March Spirit", even as the opening theme song "the guests sing show lesson", passing the positive energy of youth. TFBOYS sang "the first lesson" Tencent "entertainment news" on the first lesson is CCTV for elementary and middle school students nationwide tailored program since its launch in 2008 has been accompanied by a group of students grow, become their first class after school essential. It is reported that this month as "TFBOYS third class representatives participated in the program recording, three teenagers to learn not only the ancestors in the" Long March Spirit ", but as the opening guests sing show theme song" first class ", passing the positive energy of youth. Song was officially launched today (August 25th). Took the banner of first class veterans sing the 2016 is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, the program to the ancestors of the flag "as the theme, will focus on" Long March Spirit ", a unique perspective from the teenagers, to tell the children stories in the long march. The opening of the program, the three boys will be dressed in a lively student dress, singing the theme song of the program, the first lesson, caused by the enthusiastic response of young students. After the performances, the three big boys became a well behaved class three good student Sa Beining, Qing Dong, He Jiong, in the three class under the leadership of the Red Army to listen to stories, learn the spirit of the long march. The party invited to a number of experienced old Red Army Long March, their average age is over 100 years old, with a double foot out of the great Long March road. A fresh story for the audience of the primary and secondary school students on the "long march spirit," a vivid lesson. TFBOYS new show "first class" activity to sing the new year "first class" is Wang Pingjiu teamed up with Chang Shilei as "the first lesson" tailored to the theme song, with its lilting rhythms and optimistic lyrics are primary and secondary students love. This song is annually re arranger, voice features and style fusion singer’s giving the song a new life. This year, the program group invitation to TFBOYS’s Queen Liu Jia as arranger "the party music director, as one of the most known TFBOYS music characteristics, Liu Jia not only for TFBOYS before tailored to the" dream "," youth homesick Handbook "," practice "and other pet hit songs, this is. Only fit three nearly two years of change, the" first class "was re arranged. TFBOYS is the second time to sing this song, compared to 2014, they have a deeper understanding of the song, a better interpretation. The youth student dress collocation lively dance, TFBOYS with a "first class" opened the prelude of the party, the transfer of positive energy to the national primary and middle school students with their own popularity, and sing the new year. This program will be divided into "faith belief, courage, unremittingly, never yield in spite of reverses four lessons," in-depth transfer "Long March Spirit", led the students to inherit the ancestors of the flag "". As "s"相关的主题文章: