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The Thai crystal technology associated equipment 14, purchase guide sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my Securities Times Online (09) on 13 associated equipment (300545) tomorrow online subscription, the subscription price of 13.50 yuan shares, price earnings ratio 22.98. Purchase code: 300545 purchase price: 13.50 yuan purchase limit: 17500 shares of the total issued number: 17 million 830 thousand shares purchase date: 2016-9-14 payment date: 2016-9-20 Company Profile: the company is a leading electronic equipment and solutions provider, the company has a complete R & D, manufacturing, sales and service system, electronic equipment working to provide professional, high performance and solutions. At present the company products mainly for flat panel display module assembly equipment, can be widely used in flat panel display in the display module and the touch screen and other related parts of the assembly production process, with the help of module assembling equipment production of flat-panel display and related components, is an indispensable part of the terminal products of new consumer electronics including intelligent mobile phone computer, mobile, tablet computer, liquid crystal display, and other functions need to display in the. Thai crystal technology (603738) tomorrow online purchase, purchase price of $16.14 shares, price earnings ratio of 22.99. Purchase code: 732738 purchase price: 16.14 yuan purchase limit: 16000 shares of the total issued number: 16 million 680 thousand shares purchase date: 2016-9-14 payment date: 2016-9-20 Company Profile: the company’s main business is the development, production and sales of quartz crystal resonator. Since the establishment of the company’s main business has not changed. The company to raise funds to invest in projects around the company’s main business, and electronic components industry miniaturization, chip development trend and the direction of the country’s industrial policy. The implementation of the investment project will expand the company’s production capacity, optimize the product structure and improve product quality, enhance the company’s market competitiveness. (Securities Times Online News Center) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion相关的主题文章: