The 3 time the girl broke the world record for a record of 30 seconds, all of the 1 Poker

The girl 3 times to break the world record of 30 seconds memory remember all 1 pairs of chaos poker in an online news according to the Anhui daily news, the Rio Olympics the smoke had cleared, another Olympic Games — "brain games will go to war in Singapore in December this year, a 12 year old Wuhu girl Ouyang Yujie will play the tournament. The game, Ouyang Yujie showed extraordinary strength, in just the end of the 2016 Hongkong international memory open, she won 2 gold and 5 silver in all 10 items in 2 copper; 10 events of the World Memory Championships, Ouyang Yujie holds 3 World Records (children group). This super memory will naturally bring to life, such as a pair of casual cut mixed cards, Ouyang Yujie 30 seconds to remember. What about? Are you glad you didn’t meet such an opponent on the court?. [] a pair of poker skills on Chaos for 30 seconds to record all in an interview with reporters, Ouyang Yujie displayed some of the subjects she peacetime training to reporters. She will be a pack of cards to reporters, and then by the reporter random shuffle, cut the cards, 54 cards then order all upset, reporters will be on the cards to Ouyang Yujie, she read the card sequence after trumps and returned to the reporter’s hand, then dropped to the table began to recall the eyes closed. About 30 seconds later, she took out a pair of playing cards, according to the memory inside pick card inserted card, card order journalist cards order. When she finished, the reporter together with her two cards on the table spread, results all the cards are not even color as like as two peas, a mistake. See reporter marvel, small Yu Jie casually said, this is very low in her usual training difficulty. The reporter on a piece of paper to write random laws no 100 numbers, small Yu Jie took the white paper, read it again, and then recalled about 1 minutes, exactly in a piece of paper to write fast, the reporter found in the side of the observation, all 100 numbers including the order, and the reporter wrote an error are not as like as two peas. Break the record three times to break the memory of the world record Jie Jie peacetime training and competition can not only remember the contents of playing cards, numbers so simple. The International Committee of sports, mental world memory Sports Council held in the global brain (memory) Championships, open, popular games for a total of 10, respectively, binary numbers, names like abstract graphics, fast digital, digital, virtual marathon history events, fast marathon poker, poker, random words listen, remember the numbers 10, each competition is divided into children, young, adult and aged group held 4. At the age of 12, Ouyang Yujie is now only available for the children’s group, but in the Fuyang city last year, she won the children’s champion, but her score is higher than the Junior Champion scores. In other words, put her into a high level of junior team competition, the same can win. The champion of the city race, but little Yu Jie won many champions in the very humble one. In August this year just ended the 10 Hongkong international memory open, she won a gold medal in the event of a total of 2 gold, silver and copper, a total of 9 medals, only one of the projects played poorly not to win the license of the 2016.相关的主题文章: