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The 80 thousand joint venture to buy a compact car Chevrolet Kewozi or futefu shinsc – car Sohu about budget, ordinary people are less than 100 thousand, 80 thousand yuan is one of the most popular choice. Holding 80 thousand yuan exactly how to choose a car, the easiest way is to see what other people buy cars. In the latest release of the August car sales charts, Changan Ford’s fortune ranked seventh, has been very good performance. The new Kewozi is hard to find a car, obviously these two cars are widely trusted car consumers. 80 thousand yuan to buy these cars will not be lost, but which one is more suitable for you? This requires a careful analysis of the wave! Kewozi: young to early adopters? Try Chevrolet Kewozi it after 11 years from the market, Chevrolet Cavalier Knight again battle, but after the new design orientation, it has a new name — Kewozi. It is the debut for the compact car market is further broken down, unlike Lavida and Jetta models, the young Kewozi is full of personality and vitality, it is eyeing more young consumer groups. Appearance modeling, it is its youthful attitude! Kewozi family with a new design, although some Mairui treasure XL shadow, but Kewozi in detail still has many highlights, movement and activity ready to impressive. Internal use Kewozi classic grille "blast" double gradient texture, enhances "movement shark mouth" brought. The front of the headlight is equipped with chrome trim, which is in line with the bulge on the engine cover, even in a static state, it also gives a feeling of strength. Kewozi side waist height swept the visual effect is very good, the tail canard is unique, which is consistent with the young man asked the car styling. Thanks to the high and low tail and rich Kewozi lines, the tail is steady, is a potential car home. Kewozi interior features bright, smart and warm what is family? Look at Chevrolet and you’ll see. Kewozi interior uses the classic design style of Chevrolet, in contrast curve encircling the layout is full of warmth, although the entry-level models, but the panel of the leather wrapped or very feeling. The surgical ward is equipped with a suspension control screen, the use of a single chrome + throw paint panel shape, can row in the front three. If it comes to practicality, 7 inches touch screen equipped with the Chevrolet MyLink interconnect system features rich and practical and reliable, but also compatible with Baidu CarLife features, very close to the current appetite of young people! As a compact car, a 80 thousand level, Kewozi equipped with reversing radar, tire pressure monitoring, an auxiliary configuration utility, in the fashion movement under the gorgeous appearance is its simple comprehensive consideration. The performance of power there is room for improvement, it is worth looking forward to any non power output as the core of the sports car is bullying, young movement style of a car really cannot do without external shape, but the real decisions)相关的主题文章: