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Travel-and-Leisure Visiting Amsterdams Historic Cinemas A trip to Amsterdam wont be .plete without enriching oneself in many Amsterdammers local pastime: going to the cinemas. Amsterdammers are so adamant about their love for cinema that theyve even sponsored many of the major film festivals such as the Cinekid Festival and the International Documentary Film Festival. Independent films are also very much alive here, so much so that there are so many cinemas in Amsterdam, most of which have a great ambiance and historic significance to Amsterdammers such as the posh Pathe Tuschinski, Het Ketelhuis, Rialto Filmtheater and Pathe de Munt. They also have a movie house which is run by students, the Kriterion. There is also the Film Museum found at Vondelpark which shows art movies and classics. The language barrier shouldnt be a problem since there are many cinemas offering Hollywood films although for a more in-depth experience, it is re.mended that you sit through a local Dutch film to get a feel for their art. In any case, the love for film is so apparent in Amsterdam, that joining in the experience is a must while youre there. Learning the Ropes of Winemaking at the Amsteltuin Vineyard Amsterdam nowadays is congested with so many businessmen, tourists and locals going about their busy lives, so when you want an easy escape from the glaring city life, go to the nearby village of Amstelveen. Amstelveen houses the only Dutch vineyard close to Amsterdam, the Amsteltuin Vineyards, which has wine-related activities such as workshops and wine courses. Different group tours around the vineyard are possible upon request. Wine tasting is also possible but upon special request as the wine produced from the grapes in the vineyard is still under experimentation to see which type of wine is best produced. In the more warm-weathered months, one can enjoy a barbecue and buffet from the staff if wished. The laidback ambiance of the setting though is enough for you to spend the day perfectly, relaxing with wine in hand on their patios and terraces. Aside from being a vineyard, Amsteltuin has also been made into a care centre for the disabled. Sights and Sounds in Amsterdams Centrum Centrum, apt to its name, has everything Amsterdam has to bring tourists centralized in one area. Theres the Royal Palace of Amsterdam where Queen Beatrix of Netherlands lives occasionally, rotating around her four homes found around Netherlands. Once closed, the palace is now fully open to serve tourists as of last year for those interested to see where royalty resides. Centrum has Bloemenmarky which is considered as the only floating market in the world. Souvenirs are also sold in the same market for those who want something unique to take home at affordable deals. For artists and enthusiasts, make a visit to the Van Gogh Museum where the largest collection of his works is found. Aside from the more famous ones, theres also hidden museums found in Amsterdams canals with private residents as curators or those intended to benefit small organizations, and are also worth the tour. There is also Anne Franks House down the famous Prisengracht 263 which marks the secret room where she hid with her family. Centrum has so many shops and restaurants to stop by in along the way, so be sure to bring lots of pocket money and a ravenous stomach along the way. Where to do Business in Amsterdam The continuous growth of Amsterdam in terms of tourism has also catalyzed its growth in terms of business. Now, along with tourists are peppered mixes of business travelers which go to the village for a casual meeting or a corporate convention. Hotels and other special ac.modations in the area also have different meeting and function rooms to assist their business guests, along with a business center equipped with fax and inter. connection for ease. There are many quaint settings in Amsterdam too that might be just right for a casual drink with a client or a sit-down with the bosses such as the radar saloon, old buildings beside the river and a theater that has since been turned into a convention area. Added to this is the many different restaurants which can cater to a large group of conventioners with different International cuisine to choose from for the weary and homesick business associates. So you see, its still possible to enjoy oneself even when on a business trip in Amsterdam. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: