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The bar on the glasses industry for 8 years, the Tsinghua Polytechnic male like that UNIQLO shop – the Sohu of science and technology the small table new media reporter Zhou Xiaoyan editor He Bin abstract? B terminal is a "sheep", in determining the category, E optical from two dimensions of enterprise types and the city, B end enterprise user preferences and a pair of glasses selected products. Glasses industry has been known as profiteering, and to pursue every increase in circulation, the price rose to 3 times the previous link by multiply by 3 rule. Glasses industry has been affixed to the outside world, profiteering label. Spread in the industry, one by 3 by the rule of law – every one additional link, the price of the glasses into the previous one of the 3 times the 3. And a pair of glasses from the factory to the final container sale, the middle is required by the brands, agents and other layers of middlemen hand, also need to join the staff, shop rent and other costs, you may not believe a thousand glasses prices may be only ten dollars. This is a fan? In 2008 from an open glasses factory friend get news. At that time, Alibaba, Jingdong and other business tycoon is dividend, fan? Think, middle process can shorten the circulation channels of glasses, he would choose to cut sales in the business platform from the sunglasses, goggles without line optometry glasses category. Since then, the cause of it and fan? Bar on the glasses completely". Although the road bumps, but fan? Always feel lucky, at the appropriate node of the business model in transition. For example, he had refused to finance the burn war in O2O enterprise. The E optical CEO CMO Yang Yigui COO Zhang Jian Fan? "Fortunately, we are not in the O2O enterprise financing" crazy burn subsidies under the environment in Wangjing, located in the CBD line E optical glasses store, founder of fan? You remember the past, still can be seen from his eyes, he did not get financing it was wise. Fan? That if I took VC money, perhaps he will secure to rely on into subsidies burn war. "I and several venture partner couchu 2 million yuan as funds support", because their money is used, fan? To explore the "profit" team more persistent. E optical through online official website, APP and the end of the next line store experience and other channels for drainage, provide on-site services for enterprises glasses. The sources of supply side both Prada, Gucci, Dior and other international big glasses, but also from Japan and South Korea, Europe and the niche brand glasses. Currently, E optical has been LIAN wing 3 million yuan Angel round investment. Since the end of 2015 to date, E optical access to more than and 160 corporate users, many of whom are China Mobile, China Unicom, Baidu, Alibaba, Jingdong, the United States and other large enterprises. The glasses industry bar on the 8 years of the original fan? Is engineering men, are particularly interested in doing business. In 2001, he graduated from Tsinghua University and majored in mechanical engineering, directly into the U disk production company engaged in the sale of "Patriot"; in 2004, coincides with the American electricity supplier website eBay become fashionable for a time.相关的主题文章: