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UnCategorized If you don’t want to drink it, but know that it can benefit you, why not try a different presentation for you to use? No matter what your intentions for better health, having a green tea leaf extract can ensure that you are receiving exactly what you need in order to benefit. If you don’t want to drink green tea, you can easily use this extract to receive the same benefits. The major reason why one would consider green tea leaf extract is to receive supplements and vitamins that can not be found in other substances. The major element found in the green tea is EGCG. This is an antioxidant that is known to be more potent than any other vitamin, especially vitamin E. EGCG is the main .ponent that will work to detoxify your digestive system, increase your metabolism, and take out the extra "stuff" you’re your body doesn’t need. Green tea also has a large amount of vitamin C in it, enabling you to get some extra boost when you are beginning your day. This .bination of elements is the main reason why those who want to drink this marvellous drink will take it as a leaf extract. One of the major benefits that are used with the green tea leaf extract can be found with those loosing weight and even body builders. More and more people who are working out in the gym are also taking this natural substance in order to increase their productivity during their time lifting weights or running. Green tea leaf extract is simply taken as a supplement in order to work with the body and get it back in shape. Of course, the extract of this plant is known to help with ailments and other problems that may be occurring. No matter what you’re reasoning, you can find the leaf extract in most health food stores. You can take these like you would any other supplement. You should keep in mind that when you take this as a supplement, it will be important to look at other ingredients in the extract. Some will be focused strictly on things such as weight loss, and may add extra ingredients in the mix. If you don’t want this to your diet, you should find a different type of extract that is purely green tea. For those who know the benefits of green tea, but don’t have the time to drink tea throughout their day, getting an extract may be a good option. This will allow you to get the .ponents that you need for green tea, while using the extract like a supplement that simply adds to your day. For those that need this variation, it can help to give your body exactly what it needs to benefit from. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: