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The children go to school in the morning dawdle, in the end what they think? Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual school, between parents and children "war" began. Every morning, every family on the same drama: mom kept saying "burning with impatience, hurry up, hurry up, children slowly turn a deaf ear to. Procrastination, children dawdle, how to do? This is a lot of parents worry. About children’s learning and living conditions, parents are most commonly used for description is: brush your teeth in the morning wash and wear clothes, always slow, not in a hurry to always play while writing assignments, a concept of time are not always absent-minded, not to find it, can not find that homework is really too careless, clearly understand, do not dawdle, time always seems to be not enough…… In fact, these are the lack of rational performance. A lack of a rational child, even if very talented and smart, but often because of bad management of their own time, poor management of their life and study, which leads to the really important things or have no time to do, or do just passable, eventually into a low efficiency from the children. Their own achievements. This is particularly evident in boys. Due to the lack of rational planning, for example, always pack your own bag, unclear academic focus, not their own spare time, and the results are always behind the female classmate. This will bring a great deal of frustration to these boys, seriously affecting the boys’ interest and enthusiasm in learning. However, slow and procrastination are two different things. Some children do things more slowly, the smaller the child the slower. But it’s definitely not a problem. If parents often think the children slow, too much pressure, or simply replace, then the problem is really coming: a bear children really do not worry about procrastination, undisciplined, everything, is often so formed. Once the parents too slow and the child should belong to his thing to do, the child will be dependent on the formation of a: they do not, there will be around adults hurried panic to criticize, and listen to nagging, rather than simply to admit: "I just can’t do well, then you have to do for me." Once the children according to their own planning on doing something, parents kept beside to organized children to be interrupted, would be the lack of patience, become more edgy: "do not trouble trouble ah, always urge urge, I was so slow, you can see how to do?!" These are urged, be picky about the growth of the child, there will generally be irritable, the characteristics of poor patience, or diametrically opposed, slow response, self repression, over reliance on certain things, such as performance. In the end, such a child may also be the parents of the crown to "disobedient", "how to manage useless" and other charges". Let’s take a look at the child’s point of view. When children encounter adult painting相关的主题文章: