The Commission informed the rectification excessive administrative

The Commission informed the rectification of excessive administrative approval: original title: National Development and Reform Committee of the Communist Party of China Party Committee on patrol rectification briefing the national development and Reform Commission Committee on patrol rectification briefing according to the central deployment, from February 28, 2016 to April 29th, the central thirteenth inspection teams to the National Development and Reform Commission party carried out inspections. June 6th, the central inspection team to the national development and Reform Commission feedback feedback. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. First, enhance their understanding, to take effective measures to patrol rectification as a major political task and Party committee aware of the central deployment of patrol of the national development and Reform Commission party to carry out of commission, strengthen the leadership of the party, strengthen the construction of the party, the party strictly and fully comprehensive inspection and the anti-corruption work and to promote, reflects the attention and support, care reform efforts on the development of the national development and Reform Commission cadres and care. Since the inspection, resolutely implement the Party Committee Political inspection requirements, accept the inspection, the grasp patrol rectification as the major political task, effectively assume the main responsibility for the rectification of inspection. (a) correct understanding, correct attitude, enhance the ideological consciousness and action of the inspection and rectification. Since the inspection, the Party committee to take a variety of ways to strengthen the study, and effectively integrate the thinking and action to the central decision-making arrangements. First, in-depth study and understand the spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on patrol work, to further enhance the understanding of inspections and rectification. Since the inspection, the Committee has repeatedly focused on learning the general secretary Xi Jinping important remarks on comprehensive strictly, strengthen inspection work, especially in the eighteen session of the six plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Political Bureau Standing Committee meeting to hear the central inspection office an important speech on the ninth round of inspections of exchange time. Through the study, committee members understand that the Central Committee on strengthening and improving the inspection work of the deployment decision is entirely correct, do a good job of development and Reform in the key to strengthen the party’s leadership, fundamentally depends on the overall strictly. We must to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series is to firmly establish the "Four Consciousness" of the process, especially the par consciousness as the core and main line inspection rectification, strict implementation of the party’s "six discipline" especially political discipline and political rules, strengthen the leadership of the party. Two is fully aware of the significance of inspections, to further enhance the sense of responsibility and responsibility for the inspection and rectification. Central deployment of the Party committee to carry out inspections, that is, I urge the Commission to better play the role of the central staff assistant. Only do a good job patrol rectification, in order to assume the task assigned by the central. To be on par, consistent with the central height from the central, from the strict political discipline and rules from the political height, promote the sustained and healthy development of China’s economic society, is conducive to the development of the cause of reform from the long-term development, resolutely obey the support do the inspection work, a solid grasp of the rectification patrol. Since the tour, has held a meeting of the 18 party, the cadres of 4 conference, the national development and reform the system of video conference 6相关的主题文章: