The ecological money business model will make LETV crash like Williams

The ecological money business model will make LETV crash like Williams like? Source: Zhao Hejuan, titanium media reporters everyone seems to know the music this day would come sooner or later, the burn must come to an end, but do not know what time. Large burn, long front, anti ecological, direct renamed music as ecological (LeEco) as music, with a set of outside people cannot read, his crazy blind rush "play, become Chinese years is undoubtedly the most controversial Internet Co, and China A shares of gem of the first unit. Jia Yueting had a very long internal letter last night, which caused a violent shock. The long letter can see media reports yesterday ti "Jia Yueting suddenly issued a letter of internal reflection music as the" great leap forward ": the farewell burn expansion, may receive a" annual salary of $, seems to have a lot to say not finished, then accepted an interview, said a lot. I put all the Jia Yueting said the content was summed up, in fact only six core elements: coming to layoffs, adjust the organizational structure; the first to stabilize the supply chain to appease creditors, you are good, has been very supportive, so don’t run at all; to stabilize the stock price, the price is steady steady cash flow, the there is music as a whole ecological city, all above the interests of the company for the first; Jia Yueting from the stock market in a variety of ways out of money is basically spent, even more than 10 billion, imperceptibly; once said in 2016 the valuation of more than 100 billion, more than 170 billion in 2022, in the United States as the holding of public financing (global) temporarily, the failure of financing; financing capacity is weak, so the short-term ecological LETV car is difficult to Institutional access, to rely on the cash flow cycle;…… We are more concerned about possibly, last month was extremely excited, with hundreds of people to the United States Chinese media campaign Jia Yueting, why at this time made such a reflection, the music has been short of money, but why now do not reflect burn too fast? Look at the past week, three things happened: 1, LETV supplier Dun, rumors of 10 billion scale, although No. 3 LETV said in a statement, all this is denied the rumors, but from Jia Yueting internal letter, all of this is not the case Weakness lends wings to rumours. has been very serious, and. LETV No. 3 has responded to some impatience using criminal means this lousy choice of word, it can be said that the company is not subject to speak out, otherwise is not the public when their own home, hey; 2, LETV sports under a micro-blog official, made a political mistake micro-blog fear. 3, the most serious, as the stock market fell last Friday closing price has fallen below $40, the market value has shrunk directly to the scale of 10 billion. November 7th, after the first day of Jia Yueting open letter, the opening is all the way down, just opened half a small time, LETV shares fell 5%. Over the past two years, since the music as the opening of the ecological motor, it has not been so concerned about A shares today. Wednesday, November 9th at 10 a.m.相关的主题文章: