The escort car set treasure image of everyone is the patron saint of

The escort car set treasure image of everyone is the patron saint of the "reputation of many great companies, never lost". Now, by the car to set up treasure market center, the company is set off a great revolution, word of mouth is the king of red October activities. For an enterprise, word of mouth is greater than the day, millet explosive growth is attributed to word of mouth. Although we have not yet a miracle, but we want to create a miracle! Word of mouth is red October, we refuel together! We interviewed three people in charge of the car from the recent reputation of the Department of treasure, respectively, the head of the market center Zhang, director of customer service center director Pan, director of customer service center. Listen to their understanding of the importance of corporate reputation. What is corporate reputation? When people are surrounded by a large amount of information on a daily basis, the ubiquitous commercial advertising bombing had become accustomed to, on the street signs have begun to turn a blind eye, only to hear the recommendation of friends and family will pay attention. At the same time, we also find that consumers buy certain products, is the first thought and the easiest to friends and colleagues, if we can timely use of consumer characteristics this reality we will reap in the real estate marketing. Many prospective owners and potential consumer groups. There is no doubt that the word of mouth is now recommended penetration has exceeded the advertising bombing, the cost is much lower than the flow of traffic, the reputation of the bonus period is long. Has been fighting in the company’s most recent director of the OCSA center, said Pan director: the word of mouth is the image of the enterprise, a good pass, corporate reputation is good, the performance will be improved. It also requires online, offline departments work together, let the C end to our service so the word of mouth, the car set treasure reputation is the result of collaboration of various departments."     Bao Bao, director of the customer service center, the first word of mouth good service, and do not have to be fully familiar with the business, in order to have a good reputation. And this requires a long process of accumulation, and we adhere to the "corporate values" have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful". Director of customer service center. Keep contact with first-line market data center director Zhang said: "the reputation of products, services, value-added products after synthesis, which requires each department pace highly consistent, our reputation will be getting better and better." The importance of the "word of mouth" to the employees is that many people think that the word of mouth is only about the enterprise, and the employees themselves are not too big, is it really the case? Our God of war, there are 40% data, are derived from word of mouth recommendations, sales want to improve performance, enhance service is inevitable. Because the quality of service, will have a reputation, which is very important to everyone’s performance. Word of mouth and our corporate values of altruism, the quality of experience to customers, individuals will have to upgrade." Pan total said. Cheng said: "word of mouth will bring you customers, this is the first. Second, word of mouth is the motivation to succeed, such as the God of war, there are a lot of word-of-mouth reputation data conversion, conversion rate is generally higher than other channel data. In addition, the word of mouth to determine whether you are excellent, excellent people can have a good reputation." &nb!相关的主题文章: