The Fed rate hike outlook gold rose up kamikaze love

The Fed rate hike outlook for gold prices closed higher for the Xinhua News Agency Shanghai September 4th news (reporter Chen Yunfu) as the key data to weaken again, causing the market for the Fed rate hike is expected to cool down, last week, the international price of gold to rise up, the market recovered a week before the part of the decline. On the 2 day of closing, the New York gold futures prices closed at $1326.7 an ounce, compared with the previous week rose slightly by 0.4%, driven by the domestic market in RMB denominated gold prices have rebounded, the Shanghai futures exchange, gold futures prices 3 closed at 286.15 yuan per gram, and a week before the price close to flat. Prior to the market for the fed to raise interest rates during the year is expected to heat up, investors began to pay close attention to the follow-up of the economic data and the official position of the expected confirmation of the situation. Last week, investors are most concerned about the U.S. non farm payrolls data, because the index is one of the important sources of the Fed rate hike according to the payrolls data change will become an important reference for investors to judge when the Fed will raise interest rates. However, in August payrolls data exceeded market expectations. In August the U.S. non farm payrolls added 151 thousand people, rose for two consecutive months after diving again, data released the day after the price of gold rebounded sharply, closing up 1%, the biggest one-day gain for more than 1 months. Some institutions are expected to weaken, the data is likely to increase probability of September dropped significantly, but the overall growth is still obvious, at the end of the year would raise interest rates still late economic data provide further signal. By August 30th when the week, including hedge funds, professional speculators a substantial reduction of gold net long positions to 238 thousand hands, since early June this year low. At the same time, this year has substantial holdings of gold ETF fund continued reduction of the world’s largest gold ETF fund SPDR to 2 gold holdings fell to 937.89 tons, back to the level in late June, compared with July’s record highs cumulative reduction of nearly 45 tons. Shanghai, a private equity fund research department official said, because the market is expected to continue to heat up, the interest rate policy will be settled will become the gold market "inhibition", gold prices or limited space. Shandong gold chief analyst Jiang Shu also pointed out that from the historical data, the probability of the U.S. presidential election before and after gold prices are high, the reason is likely to be released during the election of the policy is expected to change the investment direction for investors in the short term.相关的主题文章: