The free trade agreement and The Belt and Road Sino Australian cooperation to bring more new opportu marie digby

The free trade agreement and "The Belt and Road" Sino Australian cooperation to bring more opportunities in the new network in Xiamen on 8 September, (Yan Xu) Australia signed a free trade agreement, and Chinese ‘The Belt and Road "Australia" initiative docking Northern Development "policy, for both sides to bring more opportunities." 8 days in Xiamen in an interview with News Agency reporters, attending the nineteenth Chinese international investment and Trade Fair (referred to as "fair") of the former Australian Minister of trade and investment Andrew says Rob?. In the nineteenth session of the fair on the occasion of the opening of 8, covers an area of 700 square meters of the Australian Pavilion opened at the same time. With koalas, kangaroos and other elements of decoration, very Australia style of the Australian Pavilion, has become a major highlight of this fair. In June 2015, China commerce minister Gao Hucheng and then Australian Minister of trade and investment Andrew respectively on behalf of the two governments signed the "People’s Republic of China government and the government of Australia Free Trade Agreement". Under the impetus of the Sino Australian free trade agreement, bilateral economic and trade cooperation into the driveway. "A lot of chances!" Andrew said that Australia and China signed a free trade agreement, driven by the bilateral investment, so that Australia and China have many opportunities for cooperation in health care, pension, education, finance, water resources management, especially can help many Australian agricultural companies China open market, provide more cheap agricultural products for consumers Chinese. The fair, the Australia Pavilion set wine, agriculture, finance, health, education, innovation, real estate sector, there are 27 main exhibitors, showing the full range of investment environment, policies, key cooperation projects, industrial investment in Australia, hoping to attract Chinese investment in Australia, and Australia China products to enter the market to accelerate. Australian beef Innovation Limited is focused on Chinese market, chairman James told reporters, Australia signed a free trade agreement, Australia’s high-quality agricultural products to lower the price of exports to China. "Opportunities are endless." James said, creating a very good cooperation environment free trade agreement between the two countries enterprises want more beef exports to Chinese, also will be the company in Australia industry chain is copied to the Chinese. Andrew believes that the "China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, with Australia’s Northern Development Policy, can for bilateral energy resources, infrastructure construction cooperation, bring huge opportunities. Similarly, for enterprises to further bilateral cooperation, to enter the "The Belt and Road" along the country’s market will be of great advantage." During this fair, "Australia" Northern Development "and" China Belt and Road Initiative "brings new opportunities for economic and trade meeting," new opportunities "Australia China free trade agreement signed after the enterprise special docking and projects will be signed, Fujian Australia business counterparts fair, the trend in the Australian real estate development cooperation a series of activities will also be held in succession, promote bilateral business in-depth dialogue, negotiation and cooperation, sharing opportunities. (end)相关的主题文章: