The goods are not brought Beijing modern pleasing moving Phoenix-ratatouille

The goods are not brought Beijing modern pleasing moving Phoenix Phoenix car shot Guangzhou modern Beijing: recent moves constantly, following the ELANTRA vehicle segmentation models have been listed, small cars have begun to move, VERNA cars in addition to Rena outside, now a branch accepted, together with sales, this is the consistent sales strategy in Beijing modern. Now accept is Rena products, with the design of a new family, can be said to be a small collar, the collar before moving after the listing, everyone on the move brought the biggest impression is the young and dynamic design, the acceptable listing can change the small car market. We have to wait and see, let us close look at the Beijing modern new small car. Beijing Hyundai dealer recommended Guangzhou special sales and service shop sales hotline of Huangshi Baiyun District of Guangzhou city 020-36401498 company address Road No. 591 tab: Phoenix car editor’s conclusion: accepted as Rena replacement models, color value and configuration can be up a level, but that will not stop as Rena, and accept to sell together, together hold up the VERNA brand, now modern Beijing established by VERNA, ELANTRA, SONATA three cars together with the situation, but do not know the high profile car if recognized by the market future, Rena can complete the glorious mission it is delisting?相关的主题文章: