The Key Ingredient For Success That Most Entrepreneurs Dont

Business Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are growing a business without the right foundation. They may be tweeting away or building their brand or marketing- and yet, they are missing a fundamental ingredient for business success: A core message that attracts their ideal clients. A clear core message sounds simple, but we see it missing time and time again with our clients and attendees at our talks and workshops – regardless if they are starting a new business or already running a multi-million dollar company. The truth is, without this component, you can’t grow your business for real, sustained success- one that affords you an abundant lifestyle AND the freedom to live your life on your terms. You may have “some success”, but it is often short-lived. You can’t attain big success until your core message is clear, concise and communicated effectively to your target market. Here are the 3 essential steps to craft a really effective core message for your business: Step 1: What do you do and whom do you do it for? What, precisely, do you “do” in your business? Who exactly is your target market? Describe them in as much detailed language as possible. Until you can answer these questions, you will be leaving clients and money on the table. Step 2: What specific problems do you solve? Every business solves problems of some kind. For example, one of our business clients realized she solves the problems of frustration and overspending by teaching her teenage clients and their parents a system for how to find and get accepted into one of their “best-fit colleges”. We now help our business clients solve the problems of overwork or slow business growth with the implementation of our step-by-step Excelerated Success Business Development Plan ™. What specific problems do you solve? Part 3: Why should someone hire you over the competition? How are you different? What sets you apart? Educational and professional degrees or whatever initials come after your name may be impressive, but experience, clear systems, and a killer core message are more imperative for long-term success. Take the time to answer these questions, synthesize them into 1-3 sentences, and you will automatically position yourself ahead of most other business owners. Practice saying your core message over and over so you can confidently communicate it in all of your marketing and to anyone, anywhere, who asks you about your business. And make sure your team or sales people are clear with the company’s core message as well. About the Author: Bria Simpson is a certified business and marketing coach and mother of three. She has been a business owner and consultant for 18 years and a coach for eight. She grew her business from mid-5 figures, to 6-figures, in 5 short months, and is on track to earn multi-6-figures just 6 months later- using the same principles that she and Mark will teach you. Bria helps entrepreneurs and small business owners accelerate their business growth, quickly, (in “Simpson Standard Time”) and create rich, full and fun lives outside of the office. Bria learned long ago that designing a business that allowed her to be financially free and afforded her more time to spend with her friends and family was her top priority. Today Bria and Mark work Article Published On: – Business 相关的主题文章: