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"The logical separation" behind the small, ruined so many children at the parting of the small child Sohu "recent hit". A brief summary of three words, that is: the staff said: I have to send their children abroad. Wen Jie said: I will not send their children abroad. Zhang Liangzhong hesitated: I’m sending children abroad, or send their children abroad…… Send or not, parents are also looking at pains, but in the end, options are actually in the hands of parents. It’s like going abroad. It’s not like the kids. Why is it just a matter of going abroad?. In the final analysis, these parents are concerned about the children’s learning, future and future. In order to better the future of their children, at all costs to save now. From this, we can find some familiar scenes, see their own shadow. Behind this, there is a pass for many years of logic: learning well, everything is fine. Admitted to the University, and everything is fine…… This is a terrible logic. Long live in such narrow logic of the children, they will be more and more pressure, breathing space will become smaller and smaller. Small enough to make the child difficult to breathe, even despair. For example, some time ago because the cheated ten thousand yuan tuition fees and the sudden death of the female college students. Did she die of money? No, she died of hopelessness. Many people see the news of the first reaction is incredible. However, think carefully, this is the result of reason. The girl’s life, must be the whole family’s hope and way out. Learning is not her own business, but the whole family. In order to raise her tuition fees, the family must have used up all her savings, relationships and dignity. So much sacrifice, so heavy expectations that she was almost breathless. It is easy to raise money, not easy to see hope, like this girl’s life-saving straw. It’s like a breath of oxygen to a man who is about to choke. She only has this oxygen. Is she vulnerable? No She was strong enough to carry the whole family and even the whole family. But she’s too small. It was almost to her limit. When the money is raised, when finally able to realize the dream of the University, to honor the expectations of all families, suddenly, the money was cheated. As if the whole world had collapsed. All the time, she had only one mouthful of oxygen. So the sense of loss is enough to destroy her. Many families the children cornered. I heard too many children because of learning, or run away from home, with family or parents, or simply the end of life. Why are there so many tragedies? The reason is that too many of the parents, from the beginning to deviate from the essence of education, only pay attention to the external material conditions, but forgot to intrinsic motivation for the children to be independent, namely we often say "good character". Character determines destiny..相关的主题文章: