The man in the daytime wear fake wheel was caught hammer to grab the gold shop (video)-sorpack

The day wore a false rotation hammer to grab the gold shop was caught in the afternoon the man in the crowded shopping malls, he wears a mask, wig and went straight to the peaked cap shop, pulled out a hammer smashing open! The counter glass broken, he snatched two gold necklace satuijiupao! In May 11, 2015 14, this scene took place in Huludao Jianchang a gold shop. The robbers were subsequently mall security, and the police to catch the salesperson. In November 14, 2016, Huludao City Intermediate People’s Court of second instance verdict, "shop robbers", the 42 year old Wang Moumou guilty of robbery, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, the second instance commuted to imprisonment for 8 years. Wang so why so far? He confessed that after his divorce, his girlfriend, spend hundreds of thousands to buy a car to each other. Who knows, after breaking up, a little property will not come back. Feelings of frustration, lack of money on hand and treasonous. After the divorce and then girlfriend spend hundreds of thousands of dashuipiao defendant surname Wang is a laid-off workers, junior high school culture, there is no fixed work. Police investigators said, Wang Moumou tall, physical fitness is good, before doing odd jobs to earn money and work force. Wang Moumou had a happy family, as well as a daughter in high school. After being laid off, Wang Moumou sold for six or seven years, the general benefits. Always want to make more money and have no capital, and his wife often quarrel, divorced him in 10 years ago. "As a result of divorce, the family is not satisfied with his parents, have been over seventy years, nothing is always nagging, let him feel very depressed. The couple divorced, do not have the money, the family also is stuck thing, every heart think ye can quickly get two money, after much deliberation decided to rush into danger gold shop robbery, the big dry." The criminal police and judge track restored the "gold shop robbers". After the divorce, Wang Moumou work everywhere, but also a girlfriend. Wang Moumou said he spent 150 thousand to buy a car for the woman, and spent $about 400000 to buy a house, buy a table, car and house ownership is the name of the woman. More than 3 years ago, because of emotional discord, his girlfriend and his hand. Wang Moumou want to return some of the property, but not his girlfriend. The day joined hands to grab the gold shop was arrested on the spot and feelings of frustration and lack of money on hand? Suck thing one by one, Wang Moumou want to through a fast way to get rid of the predicament of money. At the beginning of May 2015, Wang Moulai once a shopping mall in Jianchang, the mall has just opened, a lot of gold. Wang Moumou think, near the mall traffic convenience, easy to escape after success. After thinking, an evil thought flashed in his mind: grab the gold shop! Some can be finished on, grab the gold shop have "weapon", must be recognized in order to avoid their packaging. He found a camouflage, iron hammer, electric shock devices installed in his pocket from home, but this is not enough, the day of the incident, his car came to a mall in Jianchang, spend more than and 30 dollars to buy a headset, and bought a camouflage hat in the labor market. After this, he came near the river for wear good clothes, wearing masks and hoods, taxi directly to the mall, from the south gate into the turn around, directly to the gold shop counter started smashing glass rob necklace. Because of the worry, overexert, Wang Moumou smashed two or three, hammer hammer and wooden handle out. Because of fear did not dare to pick up the yuan相关的主题文章: