The More You Run For Long, And The More You Wont Excuse Not To Run-jessica rabbit

Exercise The more you run longer, the more you will not be an excuse not to run. Initially, you may have better days, do not run. After that, you will not be interrupted almost one day. In the past two years, only five days I did not run, and these days are in the White mountains high and steep rock trail through it. If I where running is very easy killed. , So do not worry about setbacks, as soon as possible to restore your good habits. (Incidentally, to stop running, to avoid over-indulgence and weight gain, exercise can be maintained when you get many benefits.) Diary Most people are running diary to record their running experience. "Runner’s World," the editor Joe Henderson recorded a diary for many years. He wrote a very detailed diary, recording not only the mileage run, but also recorded his thoughts in the run way. My diary to remember is simple: "November 11 (wednsday) – 10. HILLS". "10" means the day I ran ten miles. "HILLS" is a symbol, meaning, I ran a line north slope, but when run in a very uphill effort. Some people still running record of their diet, weight, feel, and so on. What you want to remember what is on the mind, but we must try to remember, but also from time to time to record your heartbeat rate when at rest. So you can start checking your progress. You will find that a year later come back to see if it is very interesting, you will say: "Oh, this time last year, I can only run half a mile. Today, I could run five miles a while my heart beat rate twenty slow down! " I am so happy always introduce many good articles about running and article for everybody , that articles are reasonable . Need to emphasize that one good running shoes is good for your running . I belive that the Asics Kayano 17 and Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 running shoes are suitable for you . You can go to find the more information about the running and health , this articles come from Asics Onitsuka Tigers About the Author: 相关的主题文章: