The most famous ancient six Dasan, more than five hundred years of ancient tea trees and rare – why

The most famous ancient six Dasan, more than five hundred years of ancient tea trees and rare – why? Sohu note: the picture is not clear to the American friends of shooting Yibang area of tea trees, no longer exist. About Yunnan Xishuangbanna ancient six Dasan story, there are many tea merchants, tea, experts and scholars said that the Millennium ancient tea history is important, but the reality is we want to know the truth, and rely on the ancient six Dasan Pu’er Tea development efforts to achieve our common future! Historically, because of people’s free cultivation and human, natural disasters and other reasons, Xishuangbanna ancient six Dasan thousand years old ancient tea trees have rarely survived, even sanwubo years old or less have a large number of ancient tea trees survived, they have lost their commercial significance. From the Qing Dynasty to the present four hundred years, the ancient six Dasan from prosperity to decline, and the rise of tea trees, also suffered the fate of Rainbow Night. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "song of ice and fire" in fact, growth and development of tea trees is disadvantageous, such as tea prices, in order to increase production, farmers put the tea to head off, the other side of the tea tree grass shovel, destruction of the ecological environment, and a lot of the ancient tea the side in the planted trees, engage in short-term behavior; tea price, or long-term nobody to collect tea, tea will come off the ancient tea, a grain and other crops, the liberation of the government purchase and sale policies also led to this reason. Therefore, the ancient six Dasan real hundred years has not been repaired, complete with artificially cut? The number of growth of ancient tea trees survive are very limited! Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "Songs" at present, more than one hundred years old tea trees in Xishuangbanna ancient six Dasan actual survival of the annual output of only Bailaiyu tons, of which Yiwu ancient tea trees, with an annual output of six tea seventy tons, other Yibang, Gordon, mang branches, pretty brick, you le five ancient Chashan tea trees three, forty tons annual output. The old tea tea ancient six Dasan good taste with fragrance and sweet, soft, soft, and the hills taste characteristics, so the majority of Pu’er Tea lovers love and pursuit. With the continuous development of economic China, Pu’er Tea the health industry is definitely a big room for the development of the industry? There must be a bellwether, benchmark products or star product, like Green Tea star product is Longjing green tea, tea star product is Dahongpao, Oolong Tea star product is high-end Tieguanyin, Pu’er Tea. Star products now and in the future should be of high quality raw materials and old Pu’er Tea by scientific storage of tea trees. At present, Pu’er Tea for internal merchants denied ancient mountain tea, which is not objective and scientific attitude is? Characteristic differences in taste to kill Pu’er Tea star product and the Pu’er Tea, interesting, unique, is not conducive to the healthy development of Pu’er Tea personalized! Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "so long" ancient six Dasan tea trees should be together with the rest of Yunnan tea trees, as Yunnan Pu’er Tea leader and star product, undertake the development of Pu’er Tea industry social responsibility and Pu’er Tea cultural network相关的主题文章: