The network public opinion the highest prize over a million police cracked a gang rumor ajviewer

The network "public opinion" the highest prize over a million police cracked a gang all original title: nets "public opinion" bonus list police investigation uncovered all criminal gangs recently, the Ministry of public security under the direct command, Shanghai police successfully destroyed a series of making the Internet wantonly spread false information, seriously disrupting social order, serious damage to the image of the country’s criminal gangs, the main suspect Han Wencai and other 6 people were taken to the police according to law of criminal coercive measures on suspicion of affray. Since the end of June this year, a member of "public opinion allowance bonuses form" the picture spread in the WeChat group, micro-blog and other social media. The picture shows that the bonus unit is directly under the Ministry of the fifth unit ", receive the bonus name such as" Flying Fortress "" snow plum fragrance "such net, the total prize money people receive a high of 13800 yuan, the less there are 7 thousand yuan. The network "public opinion" bonus list the police involved in the investigation of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau network security Corps detachment Zhu Zhengfeng: the so-called public opinion staff payroll, quickly spread on the Internet, a website forum, micro-blog blog from WeChat group to China, more than eight times the number of clicks. In mid August, there is the so-called public opinion of the Beidaihe conference and the network of public opinion internal conference recording and other documents on the Internet diffusion. "Public opinion officer allowance bonus payment form" and "the public opinion of the Beidaihe conference" after the recording of the spread of the Internet, causing the majority of Internet users and foreign media sites highly concerned, have a serious negative impact. After careful investigation, a group of WeChat as the main platform, members of the country more than 20 provinces across the country, wantonly spread rumors spread on the Internet criminal gangs surfaced. In the Ministry of public security command and coordination, Shanghai public security organs in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Chongqing and other places of public security organs joint action, successfully cracked the case, one will be known as the "Flying Fortress" of the suspect Han Wencai, known as "snow plum fragrance" crime suspect Tian Yuxia, known as "reckless" crime suspect Zhong Chao, known as "Feng Xiao Dong ah" suspect Wei Zhiqiang, known as "Lotus autumn" suspect Chen Mingxia 6 Gang main suspects arrested. To vent their anger brush sense of presence up bonus table then, with Han Wencai, Tian Yuxia and other 6 people in the backbone of the criminal gangs, why invent such a so-called "public opinion" and member allowance bonus list "public opinion Beidaihe meeting of the audio file, and be spread? After investigation, the suspect Han Wencai, 51 years old, college culture, cadres of a unit in Inner Mongolia city of Tongliao. He and the long-term living in Beijing Tian Yuxia, Dalian Zhong Chao, Inner Mongolia Fengzhen City, Chongqing Wei Zhiqiang Chen Mingxia, in 2014 by the WeChat group to meet, and because of similar positions and gradually gather. Because of their unsatisfactory work, life was boring and other reasons in the WeChat group frequently is the social hot topics of speech, and some people who disagree with their mutual recrimination fighting, looking for "the sense of existence". Among them, the suspect Han Wencai because speak more, live Peng相关的主题文章: