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The new law: for-profit private schools ban compulsory education – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) in November 7th, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth NPC Standing Committee meeting. The meeting voted by 124 votes in favor, 7 votes against, and 24 abstentions, adopted the decision on Amending the Education Promotion Law of the people’s Republic of china. The revised private education promotion law, increase the establishment of compulsory education may not be established in the non-profit private schools. The new law will come into effect on September 1, 2017. The non-profit private school can enjoy preferential allocation of land after the amendment of the private education promotion law clearly stipulates that the construction and expansion of non-profit private schools, the people’s government should be in accordance with the principle of equality of public schools, with transfer and other ways to give preferential land; while for-profit schools are in accordance with state regulations, land supply. Private schools in the tax revenue will enjoy preferential policies of the state, which, non-profit private schools enjoy the same tax incentives and public schools. In addition, the people’s governments at or above the county level may take the purchase of services, student loans, grants and rental, transfer of idle state assets and other measures to support private schools. The nonprofit schools can also take government subsidies, incentives, incentive funds donated to support measures. "There is no transition transition problem of private schools for compulsory education is the focus of the exit for private schools have been set up, the Ministry of education, according to the central spirit, for non-profit and for-profit private schools, respectively, make provision for specific matters can be determined by the local transition period according to the actual situation. Under the new law, non-profit private schools in accordance with this decision after the amendment of the articles of association of the school to school, at the end, private school property settlement according to the provisions of this law after the rest, according to the investor’s application, comprehensive consideration in the implementation of this decision before the investment, to obtain a reasonable return and educational benefits and other factors, to give investors appropriate compensation or reward, the remaining property continued to be used for non-profit schools. For-profit private schools, financial clearing, property management authority in accordance with the law, and pay the relevant taxes and fees, re registration, continuing education. The specific measures shall be formulated by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. For some people worry that for-profit private primary school or junior high school by the law in the future there will be no problem, Vice Minister of education Zhu Zhiwen pointed out that at present our country has not approved the establishment of private schools of compulsory education is a for-profit, even charge higher fees for private schools are not profitable. "Therefore, there will be a large number of private schools for compulsory education will be forced to withdraw from the law after the implementation of the implementation of compulsory education, held only individual private schools, if you want to turn to when the for-profit private schools, will be subject to the terms of the limit." Focus 1 why private schools are divided into profit and non-profit? Content: This is an important part of the revised private education promotion law is the implementation of classified management of private education, private schools are divided into for-profit and non-profit two categories. Among them, the NPC Standing Committee Legislative Affairs Commission相关的主题文章: