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The new routine is the old way of telecommunications fraud   reselling personal information has become a black chain – Finance – recently, many telecommunications fraud incident caused widespread concern. The newborn subsidy fraud, fake police calls "fraud, change the number of SMS fraud and other new types of telecommunications fraud retrofit makes impossible to guard against. Reporter survey found that telecommunications fraud is easy to succeed, the main reason is that a large number of personal information is wanton trading, on the other hand is a false caller ID number is highly deceptive. Telecommunications fraud has a new "routine" telecommunications fraud is get in by every opening now became the parents of newborn, the object of fraud. Reporters learned from the Wuhu Municipal Public Security Bureau of Anhui, the recent occurrence of neonatal subsidies fraud cases. August 13th, Zheng Zheng, who lives in Wuhu received a call to finance the staff of the phone, the other asked his wife if he had just given birth to a child, but also to say Jeong and his wife’s identity information. Zheng positive response, the other said the country now has a policy subsidy to the newborn, in accordance with the situation of Jeong home, you can receive a subsidy of 2000 yuan, but you need to operate on the ATM machine. Zheng will be reported to the bank account to each other, then came to the bank ATM machine before the inquiry, found that the card did not increase the money. The other said, may be a failure of the remittance system, and let Jeong manually receive subsidies. Under the guidance of the other side, Zheng into the ATM machine operating interface, and enter the account and the other party to provide verification code. Jeong follow the instructions, click the confirmation after the card balance inquiries, found himself less than 4987 yuan, aware of being cheated, rushed to the police. The police, in this case, the criminals cheated to receive subsidies newborn, because they can tell you the detailed information of the victim, to dupe for Gospel truth. After obtaining the victim’s bank account liar, the victim will usually require the ATM teller machine to operate, in accordance with each other’s Guide to enter the English operating interface. Because the victim can not understand the English prompts on the ATM machine, often transfer procedures as input verification code, and ultimately fooled. Coincidentally, another kind of "changing the number of SMS fraud" is derived from the disclosure of personal information. In August 21st this year, Hefei Qin suddenly received a message: "Qin XX, I am XXX, this is my new number, before the number is no longer in use, please contact to receive, Huicun, please reply immediately." The XXX is the old leadership of Mr. Qin of the unit’s full name, but has been switched to the field for many years, Mr. Qin politely reply has been received, huicun!" I did not expect the leadership and continue to chat with him, asked him to work now, until a message to alert him. "I am not convenient to a person remittance, can you borrow your card remittance, I immediately returned to you." Qin found something wrong, the text messages sent to the unit’s chat group, did not expect other colleagues have received the same message. And the old leader in WeChat to reply to everyone, he did not change the number, which is fraud. Police, usually buy things are required to fill in their own business or)相关的主题文章: