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"The new song" out of the vote was questioned 000 Neda shady Na Ying clan five Sina entertainment news "new song" last night Chinese game is wonderful. This year the most popular version of the Kardashian program China million Neda was eliminated, this has been regarded as the treasure of the collapse of students mentor Na Ying [micro-blog] on the spot. The elimination of Neda sparked controversy, leading many votes to 000 Neda may, in the last row of the decisive vote, all voted for Zhao Xiaoxi, the moment the situation has reversed. Four instructors saw this scene is very surprised. Netizens questioned the voting scenes. But there are also netizens expressed million singing out of tune Neda itself. The day of the show in the voting process, there is a more controversial thing. That’s Zhao Xiaoxi and Neda million final showdown, million votes have been Neda ahead of Zhao Xiaoxi, near the end of a row when Neda million is 24 votes, while Zhao Xiaoxi only 18 votes. See victory in sight, but there was an amazing scene. The last row was very uniform all voted for Zhao Xiaoxi, the last moment to rewrite the score Zhao Xiaoxi 27 votes, 000 Neda were eliminated. To see this scene several instructors are shocked, Wang Feng [micro-blog] also issued a surprised voice: "what?" Na Ying Hold live on the scene of their own feelings, although the surface is still smiling, but can see that she was holding back the tears. When Harlem Yu tried to hold her, she smiled, but kept going. She was polite to pull a million thanks to vote Neda review. Finally said: "I am particularly appreciate 000 Neda, just love her well." At first Kehao PK million and Kyrgyzstan Neda was eliminated when Na Ying used only one place to revive million Neda, visible Na Ying love for the students. For the million Neda eliminated, some netizens questioned the voting scenes. But there are also people who also said is out of tune Neda Wan, so be eliminated. 000 is on micro-blog said Neda because he is not accustomed to wearing ear back. Famous critic "ear emperor said Neda was eliminated million very much, she is very promising. (xlzy) (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章: