The new song Na Ying group game started tonight ” second class ” int ” two &qu-sugus

"The new song" Na Ying group game started tonight   " second class " int " two " word meaning — entertainment channel — original title: "the new song" Na Ying group game started tonight "second class" interpretation of "two" word meaning at 9:10 tonight, Zhejiang satellite TV "China the new song" will broadcast the last five strong competition battle, Na Ying "second class" has become a mentor Corps finale race on the war game". Different from the front of several groups of wartime entanglements, Na Ying group this time but full of relaxed and calm, even the seemingly high cold, tutor of International Piano superstar Lang Lang in the field incarnation of "small Lang Son", together with the full interpretation of the "second class" and "two" word meaning. Tutor ridicule mutual teasing "small Lang Lang Lang incarnation" as the home court tutor, in that sister seems not before domineering and serious, sincere frank let the performance of host Li Yong could not help but laugh: "she has a great change today", "do you like sister head, today you like the little girl." In the recording that night, Na Ying and Lang Lang "love hate" early opening cooperation, two people will give full play to the "two classes", "two", the first is the debut performance Lang Lang accidentally wrestling, Na Ying then suddenly laugh, burst frequency to match the bursting point, tensions have no deposit, site teachers and students are lively and relaxed a lot. Na Ying, Lang Hui, pop music into the classical music elements, the opening song two people cooperation triggered expectations. Lang Lang the first to play the piano, but when playing only posing, did not pay attention at the foot of him, stumbled almost fell to the ground. Made the audience laugh, as is the sister laughed, "old boy" Harlem Yu could not help but said: "how can you wrestling ah lang!" Moderator Li Yong quickly save the transfer of the topic, to the audience to ask: Lang Lang Shuai, right?" However, Harlem Yu is a naughty knife: Lang Lang ‘bad’?" This Li Yong opened the "poker-faced nonsense" mode Master said: "usually slip down." After the start of recording, Lang Lang Piano to master the prelude, but turn Na Ying singing, her mood seems to be just immersed in the episode, having a direct laugh, a get out of hand, the audience mentor also sit still, Harlem Yu said, "you have people?" The side with laughing Wang Feng analysis: "your mind is just the scene." Perhaps the Lang Lang nearly wrestling "warning", of this war, each turn to play Na Ying, wearing a high slit pants, high heels foot she took care of Harlem Yu more enthusiastic tips "you don’t fall down!" The intimate "Prince of the piano" Lang is replaced before the "neighbors" sister Harlem Yu, often to help the sister go and chair, Harlem Yu ridicule him as a "small Lang Son", and to "small Lang said, when you do not have me she is." In this regard, the first few battle along with the other three instructors together only in the sad tangle that sister wondering: "how do I turn out is not so serious?" Attitude adjustment of Tanzania students getting better but the outbreak of failure strength between the easy instructor)相关的主题文章: