The new study says that life on earth was born 4 billion 400 million years ago-ajviewer

According to a new study of life on earth or the birth of a series of experiments on 4 billion 400 million years ago embryo planet geochemist conducted showed that 4 billion 400 million years ago, in the form, may have a similar embryonic mercury planet hit Earth as the earth brings carbon element necessary for life in. Experts believe that not only is the moon like a planet like mercury hit the earth after the formation, even the mantle of carbon is also the planet brought. Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 12th news, life on earth has been destroyed several times in the hands of a giant asteroid. But a new study suggests that all of our lives may be attributed to a planet that crashed into the earth. Carbon is the basis of all life on earth. The study published evidence that carbon on earth may have been the result of a disaster that occurred 4 billion 400 million years ago. The study points out that the embryo is about 3000 miles (about 4800 kilometers) in diameter. In the core formation after it hit the earth, and the earth as a whole, and brings to life the essential elements and other rare diamond crystals. But it is true that life on earth depends entirely on the accidental collision that occurred billions of years ago. The question of why there is so much carbon in the mantle and the crust has puzzled geologists. The earth had just formed, most of the earth’s carbon was evaporated, or was fixed at the core. Rice University in Dezhou a petrographer lackey Depp · Dr. Dasgupta (Dr Rajdeep Dasgupta) said: "this is a kind of very volatile elements, it is difficult to explain in the mantle carbon come from what." "We have carried out several studies show that in the earth in a lava state, even if the carbon without evaporation into the atmosphere, as the core of iron alloy has the property of carbon, the carbon will be condensed in the core." "We believe that the need to switch your thinking, not only concerned about the typical material of iron and nickel and carbon which constitute several core, should also be concerned about other matters." The researchers carried out a series of experiments under high pressure to observe whether sulfur or silicon can change the affinity of iron to carbon. The results showed that if the iron alloy core contained large amounts of silicon or sulfur, carbon can escape from the core, and mantle together again. The team summed up the relative concentration of carbon at different levels of sulfur and silicon, and compared the results with the concentration of carbon in the mantle. In the process, they came up with a convincing explanation. Dr Dasgupta pointed out: "the proportion of carbon and sulfur in the mantle is now the case, perhaps because of a planet like mercury, the planet that crashed into the earth. The planet already has a core that contains a large amount of silicon, which, after colliding with the earth, is one with the earth." "Because the planet of great mass, its core may directly into the earth’s core, which contains a lot of carbon in the mantle and the earth’s mantle together." )相关的主题文章: